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[[Image:CageOuf.png|thumb|316px|left|A cage in ''[[Rayman 1|Rayman]]'']]
In the original ''[[Rayman 1|Rayman]]'', the cages are about as big as [[Rayman]] is, and they contain [[Electoon]]s which have been captured by the monsters that appeared after the [[Great Protoon]] was stolen by [[Mister Dark]]. Each level in the game has six cages which fill up a medallion as [[Rayman]] keeps destroying them. When he has freed all six per level, the medallion shows as a happy [[Electoon]] face on the world map. There is a total of 102 cages in the whole game, and all of them must be destroyed before advancing to the [[Candy Château]]. The game also requires backtracking to find all of the cages, as [[Rayman]] is sometimes not able to reach them until he gains his powers. Some cages are also hidden, and only appear if [[Rayman]] touches a certain area in a map.
===Cages in the [[Rayman 1 (GBC)|Game Boy Color adaptation of the original ''Rayman'' game]]===
[[Image:FD 5.PNG|thumb|316px|A cage in [[Rayman (Game Boy Color)|the Game Boy Color version of the original ''Rayman'' game]]]]
There are 38 cages in the entire game which all contain Electoons. It is impossible to break all cages during the first visit of a level, as some are only accessible with a specific ability that Rayman would not possess during his initial visit.
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==Cages in ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]''==
[[File:RR-PS2-PirateCage-TheWoodsOfLight.jpg|320px|thumb|right|A pirate cage, as seen in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'']]
The introduction of [[Familiar Spirit]]s in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' leads to an interesting discrepancy. In many levels in ''[[Rayman 2]]'', the exit portal is opened by a [[Teensie]] locked in a cage near the end of the level. Therefore, these cages are also present in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', for the sake of continuity. However, unlike in all other versions of ''[[Rayman 2]]'', they do not count towards the total, since they do not contain [[Familiar Spirit]]s.
===Cages in ''[[Rayman 2 Forever]]''===
There are 30 cages in total scattered throughout the game, they all contain a [[Grand Minimus]].
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==Cages in ''[[Rayman M]]''==
Cages do not feature in a functional role in this game, however, cages resembling those from ''[[Rayman 2]]'' can be seen adorning the [[Treasure Ship]].
==Cages in ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]''==
[[Image:Rayman3cage_acarr.PNG|thumb|320px|left|A cage in ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]'']]
There are two types of cage seen in the course of the game, they differ only in appearance however, they both have the same effect when broken. The first type of cage is the one most commonly seen throughout the course of the game, these cages are cubic in shape, and are constructed with wood and metal. They also have a [[balloon]] adorned with the [[Hoodlum]] emblem, through which the actual cage is suspended in midair. These cage have some resemblance to a bird cage.
The second type of cage is exclusively found in [[The Land of the Livid Dead (Rayman 3)|The the Land of the Livid Dead]], these have a more simplistic look, made of only wood, with bars preventing the captive [[Griskin]] from escaping, who are the only type of [[Teensy]] to be seen in this type of cage. Much like the main type of cage, these cages are also suspended from a balloon, but with a more dull colouration and with no Hoodlum emblem.
In [[Rayman 3 HD]], breaking all cages will reward the player with the [[Hero of the Teensies]] achievement.
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={{clear}} ==In the [[Rayman 3 (GBA)|the Game Boy Advance]] and [[Rayman 3 (Symbian)|Symbian]] versions of ''Rayman 3''===
[[Image:CageGBA.png|thumb|240px|left|A cage in [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']]]]
[[Image:Rayman 3 mobile nenuphar cage.jpg|thumb|205px|right|A cage in the [[Rayman 3 (Symbian)|Symbian version of ''Rayman 3'']]]]
In the [[Rayman 3 (Symbian)|Symbian]] version, there are merely 12 cages to break in total.
==In ''[[Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge]]''==
[[Image:Cage_RHR.png|thumb|320px|A cage in ''[[Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge]]'']]
Much like in ''[[Rayman 2]]'' and the console version of ''[[Rayman 3]]'', [[Teensies]] are found locked in cages, and will call for help when [[Rayman]] is close to them. Much like in the console versions of ''[[Rayman 3]]'', Teensies will make a quick remark once freed, before disappearing, leaving behind a reward for Rayman.
==In the [[Rayman Raving Rabbids (GBA)|Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman Raving Rabbids'']]==
[[Image:Cage_RRR_GBA.PNG|thumb|320px|A cage from [[Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman Raving Rabbids'']]]]
Cages have a similar appearance to those that appeared In the [[Rayman 3 (GBA)|the Game Boy Advance]] and [[Rayman 3 (Symbian)|Symbian]] versions of ''Rayman 3'', and thus, similar to those from ''[[Rayman 2]]''. There are a total of 60 cages that are scattered throughout the game, in levels that contain cages, there are four to be found, making for 15 levels that contain cages.
==Cages in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''==
[[File:RaymanOriginsCage.jpg|320px|thumb|left|A cage from ''[[Rayman Origins]]'']]
The [[cages]] are the most resistant objects in Rayman Origins. Every cage has two padlocks, and each padlock takes 4 continuous slaps to be broken (The fourth slap is always faster and stronger). Cages are the only exception of Rayman's charging ability, as they can be broken easily with a charged fist or a crush attack.
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==Cages in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''==
There are a total of 700 [[Teensies]] that have been captured in Rayman Legends, most of which can be found in the various levels, some are imprisoned in the traditional cages, and others tied to a simple post. However, some captured Teensies cannot be freed in the traditional manner, and are instead found by winning them via Lucky Ticket.
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