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==Cages in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''==
[[File:RaymanOriginsCageRO-Cage.jpgpng|320px|thumb|left|A cage from ''[[Rayman Origins]]'']]
[[File:RaymanOriginsMedallion.png|320px|thumb|right|A medallion, as seen in ''[[Rayman Origins]]'']]
There are 108 cages in ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' - 62 of which are hidden away in hidden chambers - each with a group of imprisoned [[Electoon]]s - and the other 46 are located at the end of the levels. These cages are usually surrounded by a forcefield tied to several enemies, and once the enemies are defeated, the forcefield disappears. There are also 5 levels - the last levels from the last 5 worlds - where the medallion contains one slot which has an encarved cage symbol, although these levels don't contain any cage. Instead of breaking a cage at the end of the level, the player can fill these slots with [[Electoon|Electoons]] by defeating each boss from these five worlds. The rest of [[Electoon|Electoons]] are received through other means: 31 for winning time trials and 102 for collecting a specific amount of [[Lum (Rayman OriginsUbiArt games)|Lum]]s in each level and then trading them to [[the Magician]].
The [[cages]] are the most resistant objects in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. Every cage has two padlocks, and each padlock takes 4 continuous slaps to be broken (The fourth slap is always faster and stronger). Cages are the only exception of [[Rayman|Rayman's ]] charging ability, as they can be broken easily with a charged fist or a crush attack.{|| [[File:Mystical Munkeys 13.jpg|thumb|left|A cage as seen in a secret area, protected by three [[Stone man|Stone men]].]]| [[File:Crazy Bouncing 13.jpg|thumb|center|A cage at the end of a level.]]| [[File:Golly G. Golem 17.jpg|thumb|right|One of the few cages with no enemies protecting it.]]|}
{{clear}}== Cages in ''[[Rayman Legends]]'' and ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'' ==
==Cages in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''== {{Rewrite-expand}}There are a total of 700 [[TeensiesTeensie]] s that have been captured in ''[[Rayman Legends]]'', most of which can be found in the various levels, some are . Each level has either three or ten [[Teensie]]s. They can be found imprisoned in the traditional cages, and others tied to a simple postposts or in the hands of certain enemies. The levels with ten [[Teensie]]s have two of them, a king and a queen, hidden in secret rooms. HoweverUnlike ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', some captured Teensies these usually don't require the player to defeat enemies, but rather survive a small obstacle course and hit the cage with a soccer. Some [[Teensie]]s cannot be freed in the traditional manner, and are instead found by winning them via [[Lucky ticket|Lucky Ticket]]s.
Unlike the cages in ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', these ones can be broken with a single hit.{|| [[File:Rayman Legends 28-09-14 14-39-44-638.jpg|thumb|left|A cage as seen in a secret area.]]| [[File:Climb Out - Back to Origins 8.jpg|thumb|center|[[Teensie]]s appear yellow if they've already been freed.]]| [[File:CreepyCastleSecretRom1.jpg|thumb|right|A secret room requiring the player to memorize which platforms don't have spikes.]]|} In ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'' the same cages return.{clear|| [[File:Teensie Torture Chamber.JPG|thumb|left|This [[Teensie]] has to be freed before the cage reaches the fire.]]| [[File:Sea Teensy switch.png|thumb|center|Some level require a certain number of [[Teensie]]s to be freed.]]|} == Cages in ''[[Rayman Fiesta Run]]'' ==[[Teensie]]s appear captured in cages again in ''[[Rayman Fiesta Run]]'', with them being freed by collecting a certain number of [[Lum]]s in each stage. There are four to rescue in each stage.[[File:RFR PauseScreen Teensies.png|thumb|left|A hint screen shows how the Teensie icons are displayed on the levels.]] {{Clear}}
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