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| image = [[File:Rayman (RED).png|175px]]
| alignment = Good
| appears in = ''[[Rayman Fiesta Run]]''(iOS)
| sex = Male
| species = [[Rayman's species]]
| status =
| Unlock criteria =
(RED) Pack event ((RED) Campaign EventiOS only) (''[[Rayman Fiesta Run]]'')
'''Rayman (RED)''' is a playable character in ''[[Rayman Fiesta Run]]''. '''Rayman (RED)''' He is [[Rayman]] himself, just adorning an Apple (RED)-inspired attire. He was available for purchase along with [[Globox (RED)]] and [[Teensy (RED)]].
'''Rayman (RED)''' is Rayman who has changed his appearance that is inspired by Apple's (RED) campaign. His hair has changed to have a red hue to it. He wears an all red hoodie that has Apple's (RED) logo on it, but oddly the hoodie has no hood strings. He also wears red shoes.  == Role in the games ===== ''Rayman Fiesta Run'' ===Rayman (RED) could be purchased, along with [[Globox (RED)]] and [[Teensy (RED)]], in the (RED) event pack on the iOS version of ''[[Rayman Fiesta Run]]''.
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