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The Fairy Council

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* ''This article is about the level in ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]''. For the level in ''[[Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge]]'', see [[the Fairy Council (Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge)]].''
{{quote|text=It all starts here. This mystical forest kingdom is home to [[the Heart of the World]], and the [[Hoodlum]]s can’t wait to get their grubby mitts on it. Time for [[Rayman]] to start cleaning up this neighborhood.|sign=Press release|source=''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc]]''}}
'''The Fairy Council''' is a location first seen in ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc]]'', although it was originally mentioned in ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape]]''.<ref name="pchof">''[[Rayman 2]]'' manual,</ref> It plays a similar role in the game to that of [[the Woods of Light]] in ''[[Rayman 2]]''. The Fairy Council acts a tutorial level in which [[Murfy]] reprises his role as [[Rayman]]'s guide and introduces the player to the game's controls. [[The Heart of the World]], which was also previously mentioned in ''[[Rayman 2]]'' (and seen in the form of its constituent [[Yellow Lum]]s), is located here. It is finally seen at the end of the level.
Unlike [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman''game]] and ''[[Rayman 2]]'', in which their respective first levels had [[cage]]s, no cages [[cage]]s are present in the Fairy Council.
In spite of its name, the Fairy Council contains few [[Fairy|fairies]]; neither [[Betilla ]] the Fairy|Betilla]] nor [[Ly ]] the Fairy|Ly]] appear. The only [[Fairy|fairies ]] which are seen in the Fairy Council are a handful of [[Ludiv]]s and a number of minuscule, [[firefly]]-like [[Fairy|fairies ]] that do not appear elsewhere in [[Rayman (series)|the series]]. The Fairy Council is more importantly the resting place of [[the Heart of the World]], the mystical conglomeration of energy which contains all 1,000 existing [[Yellow Lum]]s and is the source of all power – including that of the god [[Polokus]]. The chamber in which [[the Heart of the World ]] is contained is also the throne room of the [[Grand Minimus]], the four amnesiatic kings of the [[Teensie]]s. They use it as a strobe light to complement their disco dancing.
Surrounded by a tranquil forest, the ominous Fairy Council is mysterious and majestic. The interior glows with a blue aura and various halls have reflective walls or floors. Ludivs [[Ludiv]]s reside within the council walls in a similar fashion to ants. Deep within the Fairy Council lies the [[Grand Minimus]]' throne room and [[the Heart of the World]].
As alluded to in the manual of ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]'', the Fairy Council acts a sort of central meeting place when trouble strikes [[the Glade of Dreams]].
The Fairy Council is the only level in ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]'' in which [[Murfy]] appears. At one point in the level, he laments that he is still stuck playing a sidekick, even after his role in ''[[Rayman 2]]''. At the end of the level, he departs, saying ‘See you in ''[[Rayman 4 (cancelled prototype)|Rayman 4]]''!’ – a game which never came to fruition.
==As a level==
[[File:FairyCouncilPS2-3.jpg|thumb|right|320px|[[Murfy]] gives [[Rayman]] a lift after a [[Hoodlum]] ambush.]]
===Stage 1 – The first [[Hoodlum ]] ambush===Straight after the introduction cinematic, the game begins. [[Murfy]] picks up [[Rayman]], whose hands have gone missing, by his hair and airlifts him over the grounds near the Council, which has just been invaded by [[Hoodlum]]s. The player mainly controls the handless [[Rayman]], who steers [[Murfy ]] by leaning his weight left and right. He must maneuver to collect enough of the [[Red Lum]]s that are scattered throughout the area. If [[Rayman ]] has not collected enough of them to restore his health to a satisfactory level, [[Murfy ]] takes him back to the beginning again. There are two rounds of [[Red Lums Lum]]s to gather. Once enough have been accumulated, the pair make their way to safety.
As this is an introductory level in which Combo mode is yet to be introduced, there is no score to gain (the total level score for this stage will count as 100%, or 5 stars).
[[File:TheFairyCouncilPC.jpg|thumb|left|320px|[[Rayman]] reaches the Fairy Council.]]
===Stage 2 – Finding [[Globox ]] ===[[Rayman]] and [[Murfy]] end up in a quieter place around the Fairy Council, where there are no [[Hoodlum]]s in sight, and scattered [[jewelsJewel|gems]], most of which are yellow. At this point, [[Murfy ]] withdraws the [[Manual]] and tells [[Rayman ]] that his missing hands are in possession of [[Globox]], who is hiding somewhere. He then introduces the player to [[Rayman 3 scoring system|the game's score system]], in which points are added to the score for certain actions. [[Rayman ]] then begins his search for [[Globox]], while breaking [[Garden Raygnome]]s by kicking with his feet and collecting [[Jewel|gems ]] and [[Red Lum]]s (if he needs them). Some of the [[Jewel|gems ]] form a trail.
Eventually, [[Rayman ]] and [[Murfy ]] are outside of the Fairy Council itself, where they find a shivering barrel and a foot [[switch]]. It turns out that [[Globox ]] is hiding in the barrel, and [[Rayman ]] has to follow him. The foot [[switch ]] causes what appears to be a stone block to appear, which blocks [[Globox]]'s path, allowing [[Rayman ]] to kick him free. Now that the friends have reunited, [[Rayman]]'s hands reattach to his body, and he can now use his fist to attack. Near the entrance, he'll encounter a single [[Hermit Crab]] hidden in the ground.
At the door of the Council, there is a hand [[switch ]] which turns on a light that attracts [[Globox]]'s attention briefly. He turns around and notices a gang of Hoodlums [[Hoodlum]]s - a [[Hoodmonger]] and two [[Slapdash]]es - coming down in an air boat. [[Globox ]] becomes scared of the approaching Hoodlums [[Hoodlum]]s and runs straight through the door into the Council, breaking it to allow him to be followed by the Hoodlums[[Hoodlum]]s, and then [[Rayman ]] and [[Murfy]].
[[File:FairyCouncilPS2-5.jpg|thumb|right|320px|[[Murfy]] discovers a can of [[Laser-Washing Powder]].]]
===Stage 3 – Inside the Council===
At this point, [[Rayman]] and [[Murfy]] arrive inside the Fairy Council itself, starting with a small chamber in which at the center is an elevator with a hand [[switch]]. [[Rayman ]] has to [[Telescopic fist|punch ]] this repeatedly to lift him upwards to the next level, in which there is a path going in an upwards spiral followed by several ledges. He first encounters [[pigpot]]s in here, and these need to be broken in order for the door at the top of this chamber to open. This leads him into a larger chamber in which there is an elevator with a sheet of stained glass in a form of a hand [[switch]]. [[Rayman ]] has to perform lateral shots at this switch to lift him up to the next level.
When he reaches the top, he encounters a [[Hoodmonger]] which displays a dollar ($) sign atop its head. The glass bridge between them lifts itself upwards, blocking him from direct contact, and [[Rayman ]] will have to shoot laterally again to inflict damage to the [[Hoodmonger]]. Upon its defeat, [[André]] emerges and tells [[Rayman ]] that he will deal with him later, and then flies away, leaving a small, mysterious green can on the floor. [[Murfy ]] examines it, and discovers that it contains [[Laser-Washing Powder]] that transforms the user's clothes into combat fatigues. [[Rayman ]] decides to use it against [[Murfy]]'s warnings that it could be dangerous, thus introducing him to the [[Vortex]] power, the first of five different powers delivered by these [[Laser-Washing Powder|cans]].
With the glass bridge being lowered, [[Rayman ]] encounters three [[Meadowscrewmeadowscrew]]s which can be screwed into the floor when he [[Telescopic fist|punches ]] them under the influence of the [[Vortex]]. Once they are down, [[Rayman ]] can climb up them and kill a [[Slapdash]] before finally walking down a corridor thus ending this stage.
[[File:RaymanFC.jpg|thumb|left|320px|An official screenshot of the stage 4 of the Fairy Council[[Murfy]] and [[Rayman]] in a large chamber.]]
===Stage 4 – The Council falls apart===
[[Rayman]] and [[Murfy]] arrive in a large chamber. At the left side, there is a wooden target with a crude painting of [[Globox]], at which a [[Hoodmonger]] carrying a [[Vortex]] hides behind. He uses this to strike at some stone ledges with similar properties to the [[Meadowscrewmeadowscrew]]s, ending with a bouncy platform that lifts him onto a ceiling of vines that he has to climb onto. This leads him into a small chamber with a wall of vines to climb up, and the first [[Tribelle]] found in the game. After climbing up the vines, [[Rayman ]] is now in a corridor with a slippery slope. The only way to cross this is to bounce on the floating platforms there. At the top of the slope there is another wall of vines, leading him to another chamber in which the [[Fairy|fairies]] are found.
[[André]] hides in one of six areas in which the [[Fairy|fairies ]] nest. A [[Slapdash]] carrying a [[Vortex ]] and a group of [[podocrock]]s are encountered here. [[Rayman ]] will have to keep checking the nests until [[André ]] is found. [[André ]] escapes through the doors that lead to the [[the Heart of the World]], which are then opened by one of the [[Fairy|fairies]]. [[Rayman ]] then goes through, climbing in between two walls (akin to ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]''), and then into a chamber with a staircase that is falling apart.
This leads to another large chamber. Two [[Ninja Crab]]s are encountered here, one of which is crushed by a stone, though it is possible to shoot it to defeat it in time. A [[Vortex ]] can is also found here, which [[Rayman ]] uses as appropriate to progress to a ceiling of vines which is also falling apart. At the end of this, [[Globox ]] appears, only for [[André ]] to head straight for him and get swallowed, causing [[Globox ]] to run straight to [[the Heart of the World]].
[[File:HeartOfTheWorld.jpg|thumb|320px|right|[[The Heart of the World]] lies in the final chamber of the Fairy Council.]]
===Stage 5 – [[The Heart of the World]]===[[Rayman]] and [[Murfy]] finally arrive at [[the Heart of the World]]. Upon entry, the [[Grand Minimus]] finds out that [[André]] is still alive and wrecking havoc within [[Globox]]'s stomach. Uncertain on how dangerous it would be to keep [[Globox ]] in this chamber with [[André ]] inside him, one of the [[Grand Minimus ]] then instructs [[Rayman ]] to take [[Globox ]] to see the first of the three [[Teensie Doctordoctor]]s, [[Otto Psi]], whose office is in [[Clearleaf Forest]]. He tosses [[Globox ]] into a portal, and [[Rayman ]] himself follows after [[Murfy ]] warns him of the dangers the [[Black Lum]] could impose on [[Globox ]] (especially forcing him to drink [[plum juice]], which he is allergic to), and finally bids him goodbye.
A secret room can be found in this area, which is accessible if [[Rayman ]] was to climb on a ledge on one of the pillars, and then run across the ledge higher up in the room. A secret door opens, and [[Rayman ]] then slides down a spiral band of neon lights trailed with [[jewelJewel|gems]], ending with a [[jewelJewel|green gem]]. He is then returned to [[the Heart of the World]], ready to walk into the portal to the first [[Teensie Highway]].
===Stage 6 – The first [[Teensie Highway]]===
''Main article: [[Teensie Highway]]''
Once [[Rayman]] goes through the portal after [[Globox]] and the [[Teensie]]s, he follows them through the first of a series of psychedelic wormholes known as the aforementioned [[Teensie Highway]], in which he has to time his jumps over a bunch of varied length platforms. Reaching the end will then begin making his way to [[Clearleaf Forest]].


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