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Mad Trax

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{{quote|text=Only with his [[Crazy Shoe|shoe Kart]], can [[Rayman]] pass through this secret area. But where is the road? In your friend, a great road builder, [[Globox]]'s hand...|sign=In-game description|source=''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc]]''}}
[[Image:Mad Trax.jpg|thumb|right|320px|Mad Trax.]]'''Mad Trax''' is the first of the three minigames exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube version of ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc]]''. It can only be played by two players. In order to play Mad Trax, the players must connect a Game Boy Advance to the GameCube via an official Nintendo link cable. Once the two consoles are connected, the minigame can be played.
In Mad Trax, one player uses the GameCube controller, while the other uses the Game Boy Advance. The GameCube player controls a mini-sized [[Rayman]] in his [[Crazy Shoe]], and must manoeuvre him through a sort of three-dimensional cosmic racecourse while collecting [[jewelJewel|gems]]s. This player's actions are displayed on the television screen. The Game Boy Advance player must play a game involving falling blocks, not dissimilar from ''Tetris''. These blocks form the road upon which the GameCube player is racing. This player's actions are displayed upon the screen of the Game Boy Advance. The two players must co-operate in order to complete the minigame.
The introduction displayed at the beginning of the minigame tells the player that [[Rayman]] has been shrunk to take part in a race across a microscopic course which fits in the hand of its architect, [[Globox]]. From this it can be deduced that the Game Boy Advance player is controlling [[Globox]]'s actions as he attempts to help [[Rayman ]] to complete the course. A similar multiplayer minigame, entitled [[Wheelis]], can also be played in this version of ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]''. [[Wheelis ]] is almost identical to Mad Trax, except that it is played by four players rather than two; in this minigame, there are two GameCube players and two Game Boy Advance players (two GameCube controllers and two Game Boy Advance consoles are required). The first GameCube player and the first Game Boy Advance player must compete against the other two; while the first team controls [[Rayman ]] and [[Globox]], the second team controls [[Gumsi]] and [[Reflux]], with [[Gumsi ]] riding in [[Rayman]]'s other [[Crazy Shoe]].


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