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| appears in = [[Rayman 2]], [[Rayman M|M]], [[Rayman 3|3]], [[Rayman Raving Rabbids (GBA)|Raving Rabbids (GBA)]]
| sex = Female
| species = [[Fairy]]
| status = Power provider
'''Ly the [[Fairy (pronounced ]]''' is a character from ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape]]'Lee'and its remakes, apart from Germany where her name is pronounced along with 'Lie'[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (GBA) is a character |Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc]]''. She takes the same role as [[Betilla the Fairy]] did in the ''[[Rayman universe who first appeared in (game)|Rayman 2]]''.
==AppearanceDescription== Ly appears to be resembles a humanoid with elven ears, a very thin build, green lips that match the colour of her eyes , and short purple hair. Interestingly she She also appears to have feline or fox features, such as her bushy tail which is the same colour as her hair. She Her body (which may be skin or may be clothing) is mostly seen wearing a yellow catsuit covered with in purple stripes.
==Character==Ly's role personality is seldom touched on in ''Rayman 2 '', but it is much like that of Betilla the Fairy looked into in the original ''[[Rayman - at certain points of the game she would provide you with permanent powers that make Rayman stronger, provided you free her from her prison at an early point in the game2: Revolution|Revolution]]''. Though she spends Ly is a lot warm, friendly sort of person who will root on her time meditating, Ly sometimes challenges Rayman friends to a race through the bonus stagesvery end. Ly deeply admires [[Polokus]], the "Walk of Life" and "Walk of Power", in which she played as a guide rather than a competitor, meaning you didn't have to beat heris very enthusiastic about him.
==Other Appearances==Ly makes small cameos the Fairy lives in a [[Ly's House|cottage]] in a number clearing near the [[Eastern Plains]]. She also likes to rest atop a [[Ly's Mason|stone]] near [[Globox's House]] and in a [[Ly's Stone|cave]] in the [[Rainbow Cliffs]]. Ly's favorite haunts include the [[Woods of games in Light]] and the Rayman series other than Rayman 2[[Fairy Glade]].
It is unknown if Ly has any relation to [[Tilly the Fairy]]. At one point, Ly was captured by [[Robo-Pirate|Robo-Pirates]] and imprisoned in the Fairy Glade. ==Role in the Games=====''Rayman 2''===Ly may be compared to [[Betilla the Fairy]] in her main role in the original ''Rayman 2''. Using [[Silver Lum|Silver Lums]], Ly grants [[Rayman (character)|Rayman]] powers in various points of the game. However, Rayman must first rescue Ly from the [[Fairy Glade]]. Ly additionally offers two Time Races: the [[Walk of Life]] by the [[Bayou]], and the [[Walk of Power]] by the [[Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]]. ====''Revolution''====In ''Revolution'', Ly returns to her house after being rescued. To increase the maximum capacity of the HP Bar, Rayman must acquire all the [[Red Lum|Red Lums]] in the mini-games Ly offers. A new mini-game is offered for every 10 [[Fairy Familiar|Fairy Familiars]] Rayman acquires. ===''Rayman 3 GBA''=====Trivia==*Ly was originally going to appear in ''[[Rayman M]]'', but was in the end replaced by [[Tilly the Fairy]]. ===Cameos===*'''''[[Rayman M]]'':''' In a later arena in the Battle Mode called [[Ly's Palace]], an ice sculpture of Ly is found the centre of the room. She also appeared in a few advertisements before the game was released, and even on the back of the final European Rayman M cover, though she doesn't appear as a character in the game at all.*'''''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc]]'':''' In a stage in the [[The Longest Shortcut|Longest Shortcut]], another statue of Ly is hidden behind a painting. However, in the GBA version of Rayman 3, she appears as a character playing the same role as a powers provider as in Rayman 2, though instead of having a tail, she has a large ponytail.*'''''[[Rayman Raving Rabbids (GBA):|Rayman Raving Rabbids]]'' (GBA version)''' Surprisingly, Ly makes her most recent cameo in  ==See Also==*[[Tilly the Gameboy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, though her appearance had changed. Her hair is curlier than before and is again in a ponytail, has sky blue lipstick, and her catsuit has a cut that reveals her shoulders.Fairy]]
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