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Siamese Hoodlum

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[[File:Siamese_Hoodlum.jpg|frame|right|Concept artwork of the Siamese Hoodlum.]]inb4 you realize serza5 sucks dicks for money
YOU'RE A SQUID NOW YOU''Siamese Hoodlums''' were a variety of [[Hoodlum]] enemies which were originally planned to appear in ''[[Rayman 3]]''. Very little is known about this enemy. Its existence was revealed by a piece of official concept artwork produced for ''[[Rayman 3]]'' – all that is known about the Siamese Hoodlum has been determined from this image. The [[Hoodlum]] itself appears to comprise two distinct [[Hoodlum]]s joined together by stitching. Each of the two conjoined [[Hoodlum]]s has only one arm. One [[Hoodlum]] is green in colour and wears a boxing glove similar to those wielded by [[Slapdash]]es, while the other is grey in colour and has a cannon for a hand. Both [[Hoodlum]]s wear chain-mail similar to that of the [[Spinneroo]]s. This is one of the few [[Hoodlum]] ideations that was completely removed from [[Rayman 3|the final game]] without trace. {{Hoodlums}} [[fr:Hoodlum Siamois]][[pl:Syjamskie Mroklumy]] [[Category:Enemies from Rayman 3]][[Category:Hoodlums]][[Category:Scrapped content from Rayman 3]]RE A KID NOW


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