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Yellow Henchman 800

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| appears in = ''[[Rayman Revolution]]''
| location = [[The Bayou]], [[the Sanctuary of Water and Ice]], [[the Canopy]], [[Whale Bay]], [[the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire]], [[the Echoing Caves]], the [[Tomb of the Ancients]]
| resistance = [[Image:Lifebar2.png|''2 HP'']]<ref>Yellow [[Henchman 800]]s 800s in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' take six blue [[Magic fist|shots ]] or two yellow [[Magic fist|shots ]] to defeat.</ref>
| attacks = Flamethrower, incendiary bombs, hook
 '''Yellow Henchmen 800''' are a variety of [[Henchman 800]] exclusive to ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', the PlayStation 2 version of ''[[Rayman Revolution2]]''.
Yellow Henchmen 800 are dressed in a yellow vest and pants with yellow and white stripes. Their visible eye is green like most models of [[Henchman 800]]. They have grey coloured hooks similar to those seen on the [[Red Henchman 800|red model]]. To attack, they are equipped with flamethrowers, they also can throw cannonballs which start a temporary fire where they land, causing damage when [[Rayman]] walks on it. They attack [[Rayman]] with their hooks when he's is very close.
==In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]''==
Yellow Henchmen 800 are the third strongest model of [[Henchman 800]] that can be encountered in this game, above the [[Green Henchman 800|green]] and [[Purple Henchman 800|purple]] models, and below the [[Red Henchman 800|red]] models.
They make their first appearance in [[the Bayou]], and attack [[Rayman]] as he attempts to rescue [[Bzzit]]. Initially, Yellow yellow Henchmen 800 are more difficult to defeat, due to [[Rayman]]'s [[magic fist]] not being at maximum strength. However, as his [[Magic fist|fist ]] grows in power, the amount of single hits needed to defeat Yellow yellow Henchman decreases, until it takes merely two [[Magic fist|shots ]] to fell them. Yellow Henchmen make further appearances in [[the Sanctuary of Water and Ice]], [[the Canopy]], [[Whale Bay]], [[the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire]], [[the Echoing Caves]] and the [[Tomb of the Ancients]]. They are the rarest [[Henchman 800 ]] model that [[Rayman ]] will come across over the course of the game. <gallery widths="320px" heights="240px">RR-PS2-YellowHenchman-Attack-FireBomb.jpg|A yellow [[Henchman 800]] shooting incendiary bombs.RR-PS2-YellowHenchman-Attack-Flamethrower.jpg|A yellow [[Henchman 800]] firing its flamethrower.RR-PS2-YellowHenchman-HookAttack.jpg|thumb|320px|A yellow [[Henchman 800]] attacking [[Rayman]] with its hook.
{|| [[File:RR-PS2-YellowHenchman-Attack-FireBomb.jpg|thumb|320px|A yellow [[Henchman 800]] shooting incendiary bombs]]| [[File:RR-PS2-YellowHenchman-Attack-Flamethrower.jpg|thumb|320px|A yellow [[Henchman 800]] firing its flamethrower]]|-| [[File:RR-PS2-YellowHenchman-HookAttack.jpg|thumb|320px|A yellow [[Henchman 800]] attacking [[Rayman]] with its hook]]| [[File:Yellow Henchman collapsed on the floor.jpg|thumb|320px|A yellow [[Henchman 800]] collapsed on the floor]].|-| [[File:Sbire Jaune à peine relevé de sa chute.jpg|thumb|320px|A yellow [[Henchman 800]] standing up again]].|}</gallery>
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