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* Due to a reaction during an activity in ''[[Rayman Premier Clics]]'' and due to the cover picture in a Joystick's magazine about ''[[Rayman 3]]'', it is presumed that Rayman loves chocolate.
* Rayman can play the harmonicaand the ukulele, as shown in ''[[Rayman Activity Centre]]''and ''[[Rayman Jungle Run]]'' respectively.
* With the exception of [[Renversant!|the third volume]], Rayman makes a cameo appearance in all volumes of [[Thitaume]] and [[Pujol]]'s [[Rabbid]]s comic books.
* Rayman was parodied in a comic strip in the second volume of Joueur du Grenier, with the main character being dressed like him. The joke poked fun at the limbless attributes of Rayman.


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