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A number of interviews with [[Ubisoft]] developers were posted on official websites in the period leading up to the release of ''[[Rayman 2]]''. In one interview, Rayman creator [[Michel Ancel]] revealed the inspirations behind the character. He states ''[[Rayman 2]]'' was inspired by Russian, Chinese and Celtic stories that he read as a child. These elements form the ‘fantastic background’ which comprises [[the Glade of Dreams]], but ‘a more contemporary and cartoonish touch’ has been added.<ref>[], "Behind Rayman 2" IGN</ref>
[[Michel Ancel|Ancel]] goes on to say that the concept of the game's world is similar to that of ''[ The Dark Crystal]'', which shares ‘its magic and its Celtic universe’. The cartoonish aspects were inspired by the works of [ Tex Avery]. [[Michel Ancel|Ancel]] states that ‘Rayman is a true high-performance hero who keeps a good sense of humour like [ Indiana Jones]. Rayman is a rebel, fighting against mighty bad guys like in ''[ Star Wars]'' or ''[ Robin Hood]''’. This suggests that the villains of [[Michel Ancel|Ancel's]] [[Rayman (series)|Rayman games]] – [[Mr Dark]] and [[Admiral Razorbeard]] – may have been inspired by the likes of Darth Vader and the Sheriff of Nottingham. The character of Indiana Jones is also referenced by Rayman's co-creator Frédéric Houde and [[Rayman 1|the original game]] co-designer Serge Hascoët. According to a 2011 interview with the director of the [[Pix'n Love]] magazine (which has published numerous [[Rayman (series)|''Rayman'']]-related articles), [[Michel Ancel|Ancel]] took the name ‘Rayman’ from the [ ray-tracing] software which [[Ubisoft]] happened to be using during the development of [[Rayman 1|the original game]].
===Rayman's origins===

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