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==In ''[[Rayman Origins]]''==
[[File:RO-Cage.png|320px|thumb|right|A cage, as it appears in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''.]]
There are 108 cages in ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' - 62 of which are hidden away in hidden chambers - each with a group of imprisoned [[Electoon]]s - and the other 46 are located at the end of the levels. These cages are usually surrounded by a forcefield tied to several enemies, and once the enemies are defeated, the forcefield disappears. There are also 5 levels - the last levels from the last 5 worlds - where the medallion contains one slot which has an encarved cage symbol, although these levels don't contain any cage. Instead of breaking a cage at the end of the level, the player can fill these slots with [[Electoon]]s by defeating each boss from these five worlds. The rest of [[Electoon]]s are received through other means: 31 for winning time trials and 102 for collecting a specific amount of [[Lum (UbiArt games)|Lums]] in each level and then trading them to [[the Magician]].
==Image gallery==
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PirateCage-FrenchMacDonaldsFigure.JPG|The [[Robo-Pirate|pirate]] cage was one of the six collectible figures or the Happy Meal collection of ''[[Rayman 2]]'', available in the French McDonalds McDonald's restaurants.

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