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==In ''[[Rayman 2]]''==
{{quote|text=These strange fruit have several purposes. You can throw them at your enemies, climb onto them and move around by [[Magic fist|shooting]] in the opposite direction, and even float through lava fields on them...|sign=Manual|source=''[[Rayman 2]]''}}
{{quote|text=These huge plums fall to the ground from their trees, or can be unhooked by [[Magic fist|shooting]]. They have multiple uses: as a weapon, by throwing them on the head of enemies, or as a conveyance. In the latter case, once a plum is on the ground, climb on it, and to steer, [[Magic fist|shoot]] in the opposite direction to that which you wish to take. Note that the plum has resisted even lava.|sign=Official description|source=''[[Rayman 2 : The Great Escape : Le Guide Officiel]]''}}
In ''[[Rayman 2]]'', plums are used to travel over rivers of water and lava. They can also be thrown at [[Gorilla Pirate]]s, who will be rendered harmless and can be used as makeshift platforms due to the plum being stuck on their head. [[Rayman]] can move plums by [[Magic fist|shooting]] at them if they're in front of him, or by [[Magic fist|shooting]] anywhere if he's on it, which will move it in the opposite direction. Plums bounce endlessly, even on lava, however they can be destroyed if they fall into pits of hotter, yellow lava. It is also possible to throw them onto posts, permanently or temporarily (in this case, the goal is to take the plum to a precise place), allowing [[Rayman]] to reach places he otherwise could not. Oddly enough only plums from specific plum trees will stay on the posts. For the posts where the plum will fall off after a few seconds, it's not actually the post itself which is unstable, but rather that specific type of plum. <ref>[ Rayman 2: Further Plum Experiments] at YouTube</ref> <ref>[ Rayman Revolution Interesting Plum Video] at YouTube</ref>

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