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Giant Minotaur

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'''Giant Minotaurs''' are large versions of the [[Minotaur]]s which are encountered at in [[Olympus Maximus]]. It  ==Description==The Giant Minotaur appears to be the Olympus version of the [[Francky]]s which are encountered in [[Teensies In Trouble]] , and the [[Oger]]s which are encountered in [[Toad Story]]. They hold wield a fiery hammer and a spiked shield , and they appear to be among the biggest soldiers of the army of nightmares that live in [[Olympus Maximus]], topped only by only the [[Dragon (Olympus Maximus)|dragons]] and the [[Dark Cloud]].
They appear to more closely resemble the mythological creature, unlike their [[Minotaur|smaller brethren]]. They wear small helmets. They handle , but they also wield huge hammers and spiked shields. They also wear blue pants with a blue belt and an a H buckle. In ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'', they return, but without the hammer and shield, and where they behave exactly like the [[Francky|Franckies]] and [[Oger]]s, and ; they also use the same voice clips.
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