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| name = Future
| image = [[File:RM-PC-Future-Training-StartPosition.jpg|center|320px|''Future'']]
| preceded by = [[Big Bang]]
| followed by = [[Born To Slide]]
=== Screenshots ===
<gallery widths="320px" heights="240px">
RM-PC-Future-Training-StartPosition.jpg|One of the first player's starting positions in ''[[Rayman M]]'''s Future.
RM-PCRayman M -Future-Training-LoadingScreenSplash.jpgpng|The Future loading screen in ''[[Rayman M]]'''s PC version.
=== Artwork ===
[[File:<gallery widths="256px" heights="256px">Rayman M - FutureModel 1.pngRayman M -MenuPicFuture Model 2.pngRayman M -RaymanMFuture Model 3.JPG|frame|left|pngRayman M - Future, as it is seen in ''[[Model 4.pngRayman M]]'''s menu- Future Model 5.]]png</gallery>

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