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[[File:Rayman Tonic Trouble credits.png|thumb|320px|right|A character dressed as Rayman's in ''[[Tonic Trouble]]''.]]
A character dressed as Rayman makes a cameo appearance in both the credits of ''[[Tonic Trouble]]'' and the Ski Slope level. Rayman also makes a cameo in the [[Ubisoft]] title ''[[Academy of Champions]]'', in which he is part of the [[Ubisoft]] team which features characters from other [[Ubisoft]] franchises such as ''[[Beyond Good and Evil]]'', ''Splinter Cell'', ''Prince of Persia'' and ''Assassin's Creed''.<ref> Rayman in Academy of Champions</ref> In this team, Rayman is the goalkeeper. A hat based on Rayman's head is also available from the game's item shop. In the [[Ubisoft]] game UNO, there's also a ''Rayman'' themed DLC. Lastly, Rayman also appears in the game ''Brawlhalla'' as a fighter, and in ''Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'' as a Neutral-Type Primary Spirit.
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