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Beware of Mini-Murray

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==Original version==
==Area 1==
After falling into the water because of a platform collapsing, the first [[Skull Coin]] can already be found. It is located to the far left. After a short time of [[swimming]], deadly [[Dragonfly(Rayman Origins)|dragonflies]] appear, and the heroes must get to the exit before the [[Dragonfly(Rayman Origins)|dragonflies]] come into contact with them. The second [[Skull Coin]] can be collected by taking the higher path during the escape.
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==Area 2==
[[File:Beware of Mini-Murray 4.jpg|320px|thumb|right|The second part has the player once again being chased by [[Dragonfly(Rayman Origins)|dragonflies]].]]The [[Dragonfly(Rayman Origins)|dragonflies]] are still hot on the team's trail, and now they must get away faster as rock platforms will collapse on each other. The third [[Skull Coin]] can be found by going left in between the wall and a rock platform. Later on, the rock platforms will shut tight together, making the [[Dragonfly(Rayman Origins)|dragonflies]] get stuck, allowing the team to continue on to the exit with ease.
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Beware of the Mini-Murray - Back to Origins 1.jpg|The starting point of the level.
Beware of the Mini-Murray - Back to Origins 2.jpg|[[Dragonfly(Rayman Origins)|Dragonflies]] chase the players in the first area.Beware of the Mini-Murray - Back to Origins 3.jpg|The [[Dragonfly(Rayman Origins)|Dragonflies]] do the same in the second area.
Beware of the Mini-Murray - Back to Origins 4.jpg|The third area.

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