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==In ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' and its spin-offs==
{{quote|text=Hey Rayman! Welcome back! Was I having a bad dream again? Well, you're here now, so no worries...RIGHT. Still no limbs, eh?! WellWelll, the [[nymph]]s will get their act together eventually...! Less bones to break I say! At least they remembered the funny bone! Laugh till it hurts!|sign=[[Polokus|Bubble Dreamer]]|source=''[[Rayman Origins]]}}
In ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', Rayman can be seen together with his friends, eating on top of [[the Snoring Tree]]. The noise he and his friends make disturbs the inhabitants of the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]] so badly that they lock them up in [[cage]]s. Rayman is however quick to escape.


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