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Grim Reaper (trophy)

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'''Grim Reaper''' is one of the unlockable trophies from ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', which is exclusive to PlayStation Vita. Unlocking it will reward the player with a bronze trophy.
==Tips and Trickstricks==
* The trophy/achievement description is self-explanatory. The player will unlock this award by tapping 50 Enemy Bubbles enemy [[bubble]]s in the game. * Some of the easiest levels to unlock this award are in levels those with great enemy concentration like in a lot of enemies such as [[Swinging Caves]] or in [[Crazy Bouncing]].* Avoiding to make the character attack or jump on the Screen tapping [[Bubble|bubblized ]] enemies in favour instead of the screen tapping attacking them or jumping on them will accelerate and ease the obtention of the award.
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