Ancient Forest

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Ancient Forest
Ancient Forest
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Ancient Forest is the fifth world in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. Its appearance was influenced by parts of the Dream Forest in the original version. It is the second world that has only three parts. The power to grab flying rings is acquired here.

Part 1

There is one cage to found in this level. Three lives and a bonus level can be found in this level.

Rayman must first use his new grappling fist power to swing on a flying ring and reach the top of a structure to his right. This will cause a scared platform to appear to the left of the flying ring which, if used, will allow access to the first Life. Continuing right, Rayman must use a scared platform to jump up to a ledge above, where he will find a strange object which, when punched, will blow him up, left or right depending on where he is standing. Rayman must time his jump correctly and use this object to get over a nearby structure. He must then punch a plum onto the head of a Livingstone and ride it in order to reach the top of yet another structure.

Rayman must then navigate ledges and spikes by using flying rings, plums and more of the strange objects until he eventually finds the first falling flying ring of the game. If he rides this downwards, swinging away from spikes as he does, he can land safely on top of a structure with a golden fist. Below him is the entrance to the bonus level, and above is another flying ring which Rayman can use to reach a ledge above with another strange object on it. He can use this object to reach a flying ring which will take him to a Ting. Grabbing it will cause the level's cage to appear further to the left.

After following a series of flying rings, Rayman reaches a ledge on which he will find a plum and another strange object. He must use the object to activate a swinging plum above him, and then use the other plum to reach it. He can then follow a couple of flying rings right to break the level's cage, and jump across some ledges left to reach the second life, before swinging upwards and right to reach the level's exit.

Bonus level

Part 2

This level contains one cage. Two lives and a bonus level can be found in this level.

Rayman must jump onto a scared platform which rises up, taking him to a flying ring. This leads to a ledge and another scared platform which drops down, although if Rayman jumps right before it does he can access a golden fist. The falling scared platform will lead to more flying rings, which will take Rayman to a ledge with a strange object on it. He can use this to jump right to a life or upwards to a flying ring, which lets him reach the ledges above.

Continuing right via scared platforms, flying rings and strange objects, Rayman will eventually drop down and find the second life to his right. He must then navigate some spikes using scared platforms. He will then go right across some ledges and past a flying antitoon, use a swinging plum, and then drop down to a ledge at the bottom right of the level. From here, he boards a scared platform that travels left. Leaving it, he jumps up onto a ledge where he can use a flying ring to reach a heart, and then use a strange object to the left to reach a higher ledge. If he carries on left, he will come to the level's cage.

Below the cage is a scared platform travelling downwards. Rayman must follow this, make a few more jumps, and then use a plum to reach a high ledge where he can find the level's exit. Or, he can drop down to the left to reach the bonus level.

Bonus level

Part 3

There are two cages and one life to be found in this level.

Rayman must make his way right, using flying rings, scared platforms, and avoiding spikes, until he reaches the far right of the level, where a strange object will be waiting to catapult him upwards. Now, he must jump across several scared platforms that move up and down, continue left, and then jump upwards. He will eventually come to a ledge with a swinging plum to his left and a small structure that can be jumped over to his right. Jumping over the structure and swinging on the flying ring beyond will bring him to the life.

Returning to the swinging plum, Rayman rides it to another set of ledges where he find a plum on its plant. He must shoot this and then ride it down and left to reach the top of another structure, where he must avoid a swinging spiky ball by jumping across scared platforms. Eventually reaching a ledge, he must hop down and ride a scared platform downwards, before continuing left to the level's exit.

To the left of the exit is another strange object. If used, Rayman will be able to reach one of the level's cages.

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