Baby Dragon Waiter

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Baby Dragon Waiter
Baby Dragon Waiter
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
Location Gourmand Land

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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Flame spit, contact

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Baby Dragon Waiters are common enemies which appear in the Frosty Delights section of Gourmand Land in Rayman Origins. They are wingless, bipedal dragons with dark grey scales. They wear waiter outfits, and can be seen using their ice skates to slide through the icy area. They can be seen carrying plates that occasionally contain Lums, which can be easily taken by the players. Players can use the plates as platforms to reach higher places or to simply avoid the Baby Dragon Waiters, as they don't seem to have notion of the plate's weight.

Although they tend to be calm, Baby Dragon Waiters can freak out and spit flames at the player if they see him. Unlike the Baby Dragon Chefs, Baby Dragon Waiters are limited to do their flame breath attack only when they see a hero, and only can use it in one direction; despite this disadvantage, their plates are resistant enough to make them invulnerable to crush attacks. Baby Dragon Waiters can be bubblized with one single slap, and their plates disappear; if a player does a swipe-to-air kick to a Baby Dragon Waiter, he will lose his plate, make an angry face at the player and quickly turn into a bubble.

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