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A Baby Globox is one of Globox and Uglette's 650 children. Along with their parents, baby Globoxes first appear in Rayman 2: The Great Escape and its remakes, where it appears that a large number of them are prisoners held on the Buccaneer. Those who had not been captured would appear either individually or in groups, and are usually seen cheering Rayman on or crying for their missing father. Female Baby Globoxes were introduced in Rayman 2: Revolution, and one of which played an important role near the end of the game. Baby Globoxes reappeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids.


Most of the baby Globoxes are the same colour as their father Globox, an indication that a large number of them are male, though there are a few of them that are found in colours other than blue-green. These particular Globoxes can be found in the Globox Village (Globox's House in Revolution), and are playable characters in the bonus mini-games involving Baby Globoxes. Female Globoxes are generally as a rule some shade of red, usually pink.


At the time Rayman Raving Rabbids had been released, the baby Globoxes had been redesigned, and appear in a number of French adverts for Unicef in which a Rabbid would treat one unfairly, for example, it would eat a lot of food but not give the baby Globox any, until Rayman would come along and pull down a blind which had messages in French saying "I have the right to eat!". Five of these adverts were made and they were to raise awareness of the rights of children.

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