Bad Rayman

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Bad Rayman
Bad Rayman
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Junior, Rayman Designer, Rayman (Game Boy Color)
Location Candy Château, Arcane Forest

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Deadly contact

Sex Male
Species Rayman's species

Relatives Mr Dark (creator)

Rayman (sibling via cloning)

Watch out! Mr. Dark has conjured a dark version of yourself! It doesn't seem friendly: I wouldn't try shaking hands with it...

Bad Rayman, also known as Dark Rayman, is an enemy which appears in the original Rayman game and its Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance ports, Rayman Junior and Rayman Designer.


Bad Rayman is a clone of Rayman, magically created by Mr Dark in an attempt to destroy the original.

His appearance is very similar to that of Rayman, but with different colouration. He seems to have somehow inherited Mr Dark's glowing yellow eyes. In the original Rayman game, Bad Rayman's skin is grey, his hair and neckerchief are pink, his gloves are light blue, and his shirt and shoes are dark blue. He also has a green tongue, which can be noticed by having him make a grimace in Rayman Junior or Rayman Designer.

In Rayman and its spin-offs

He first appears at a very late point in all versions of the original Rayman game except for the Atari Jaguar version, when the real Rayman finally reaches the second part of Mr Dark's Dare in Candy Château, and has a spell cast upon him by Mr Dark. The evil double appears behind him, and follows him wherever he goes as well as copying his actions. Rayman cannot stand still for too long at this point, because he and the double will die instantly if they come to close contact with each other. However, Bad Rayman will die as soon as the real Rayman reaches the exit in the area.

In Rayman Advance, Bad Rayman is called Dark Rayman, which has fuelled numerous debates on his real name, and the nature of the relationship between him and the playable character in Rayman Arena.[1]

In Rayman Junior

In Rayman Junior, Bad Rayman appears in the penultimate level, Tasty Chase. Betilla the Fairy refers to him as Rayman's Wicked Double. However, he does not chase Rayman during the whole level, but only makes short appearances and disappears after a certain distance.

In Rayman (Game Boy Color)

Bad Rayman also makes appearances in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman, in which he appears in a slightly different colour scheme; his shoes and gloves are yellow, and his skin is darker than Rayman's. He is found towards the end of the game, in the Arcane Forest. Bad Rayman behaves in the same way as he did in the original game - chasing, copying, and causing death upon touch. But he doesn't die if he manages to kill Rayman, apart if the hero falls into a chasm.

When Rayman reaches the exit in the area, Bad Rayman doesn't disappear, unlike in the original game. And as he is never seen again in the game, his fate remains unknown.

It is possible to kill Bad Rayman in this game, by flying above a specific floor of red spikes.