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A Balloon is an object that appears constantly throughout the series.

In Rayman 1

Balloons themselves cannot be found in the original game, but balloon-like bouys with Joe on them can be found in Eat at Joe's, in The Caves of Skops.

The balloons appear much more frequently in the spin-offs from the original game: 'R' balloons are very common in the game le bouingue and in certain levels of Rayman Designer.

In Rayman 2

In one section of Rainbow Creek, a hot air balloon can be found. Choosing to ride it results in Rayman going to the Precipice. At the end of The Iron Mountains another hot air balloon can be found.

In Rayman 3

The title screen of Balloons

Balloons make a bigger appearance in this game than any other in the series. Rayman and the Hoodlums both use balloons as a means of travel. Big balloons are known as Hoodlum Zeppelins and carry various Hoodlums from one place to another. They cannot be destroyed and have drawings of Black Lums on their sides. Smaller balloons are used by the Hoodlums as a means of travel and are usually found deep within their territory. They like using the smaller balloons because they are sporty, exotic and good at weeding out clumsier soldiers. Balloons are also tied to cages that the Teensies are suspended in. They also star in a minigame, appropriately called "Balloons".