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This article is about the floating object. For other uses, see Balloon (disambiguation).

A balloon is a common object found regularly in the Rayman series.

In the original Rayman game and its spinoffs

The mysterious present-shaped balloon in the World Map

In the original game, Balloons themselves cannot be found; however, in the PlayStation and Jaguar versions, an enormous present-shaped balloon can be seen on the map of the valley. No reason is ever given for its presence, and it appears merely as a decoration on the World Map screen.

Balloons appear much more frequently in the spin-offs based on the original game: in Rayman Designer, purple balloons bearing the white letter ‘R’ – thus giving them a resemblance to Rayman's symbol – often appear in the new areas, and the played can also add them to their own custom levels. These balloons levitate in one spot; Rayman can inflate them by punching them with his telescopic fist. When he stands on them, they deflate within a fraction of a second, creating new platforming challenges not present in the original game. These balloons also appear in Rayman Collector's le bouingue minigame, where Rayman must pop them with the help of Bzzit.

Rayman charging his fist to punch a balloon

In Rayman 2

The hot air balloon at the end of the first phase of the Iron Mountains

A hot air balloon also appears at the end of the first phase of the Iron Mountains, where it takes Rayman to the second phase. Another one can also be found in its remake, Rayman Revolution, in Rainbow Creek, where it takes Rayman to the Precipice. Since the two hot air balloons are identical, it is possible that they are the same one.

In Rayman 3

A Small Balloon, as seen in Rayman 3

Balloons make a much more prominent appearance than they do in any other game in the series, both Rayman and the Hoodlums use balloons as a means of traversing various kinds of otherwise impassable territory.

Large balloons known as Hoodlum Zeppelins carry various Hoodlums from one place to another. On their sides they bear crude insignia depicting Black Lums. Sets of smaller balloons are used by individual Hoodlums as a means of quickly moving across reasonably large gaps and are usually found deep within their territory. The Hoodlums like this method of travel because they believe "it’s exotic, it’s sporty and it weeds out the clumsier soldiers". A single Hoodlum holding one of these balloons is capable of flight, but if they are attacked while holding a balloon, the Hoodlum inflates and is immediately defeated; if the Hoodlum is standing on the balloon then the Hoodlum falls to the ground and attacks. Rayman often finds their chains of balloons unattended, and can use them as platforms; touching one will cause it to pop, sending Rayman bouncing high into the air. They quickly re-appear so that they can be used as platforms once more. One minigame, simply titled ‘Balloons’, revolves solely around this type of type of travel; Rayman must use chains comprising hundreds of balloons to cross a series of ships and icebergs in the Looming Sea.

The cages in which the Teensies are imprisoned are usually found suspended in the air by a floating balloon, and disappear when the cage is broken.

The title screen of Balloons
A Cage suspended in the air via balloon

In the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman 3

These balloons are of yellow and green colouration, and will automatically inflate upon Rayman's approach, they burst immediately after Rayman has bounced off of them, but will reinflate soon after.