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<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Beware of Mini-Murray 8.jpg|A [[Skull Coin]].
Beware of Mini-Murray 8.jpg|A [[Skull Coin]].
Beware of Mini-Murray 9.jpg|A [[sea anemone]].
Beware of Mini-Murray 9.jpg|[[Tentacle claw]]s.
Beware of Mini-Murray 11.jpg|Another [[Skull Coin]].
Beware of Mini-Murray 11.jpg|Another [[Skull Coin]].

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Beware of Mini-Murray
Beware of Mini-Murray
Scuba Shootout Murray of the Deep
World Angsty Abyss

RO-Electoon.png #1
RO-Electoon.png #2
RO-Electoon.png #3
RO-Electoon.png #4
150 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #5
300 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #6
1:50 Time

350 Lums
1:25 Time

Beware of Mini-Murray is the fourth level of the Angsty Abyss, a world in Rayman Origins. In this level, Rayman and the team continue to swim in the sea, avoiding dangers along the way. This level is the third one from this world and twenty-ninth overall that's included in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends.

Original version

Area 1

After falling into the water because of a platform collapsing, the first Skull Coin can already be found. It is located to the far left. After a short time of swimming, deadly dragonflies appear, and the heroes must get to the exit before the dragonflies come into contact with them. The second Skull Coin can be collected by taking the higher path during the escape.

Area 2

The second part has the player once again being chased by dragonflies.

The dragonflies are still hot on the team's trail, and now they must get away faster as rock platforms will collapse on each other. The third Skull Coin can be found by going left in between the wall and a rock platform. Later on, the rock platforms will shut tight together, making the dragonflies get stuck, allowing the team to continue on to the exit with ease.

Area 3

The team now arrives to a more peaceful area. Though there are still Blowfish, rock statues that suck in air and later on, Swordfish. The first secret area can be found by dodging a Swordfish from up high, then going to the path of where it originally was. Once done, the heroes can advance to the exit.

Secret area 1

The first secret area.

In this maze looking area, the players need to hurry as they destroy the Blowfish and Redfish, as a large purple Murray is following nearby. Once the enemies are defeated, the cage can be broken open.

Area 4

Shortly, the fourth Skull Coin can be acquired by going up, while passing two groups of jellyfish. Later, the heroes need to be quick if they want to defeat the sea anemone. The second secret area is located down through a small gap, close to a scenery piece. The fifth Skull Coin can be collected by passing through a rock creature near the exit.

Secret area 2

The second secret area.

Here, Rayman and his team need to safely get by the moving spiky fishes, to the group of Redfish that must be defeated to break open the Electoon cage.

Area 5

The team now needs to swim downwards to continue on. There are many Blowfish and some purple Murrays in the pathway.

Area 6

The sixth area.

From the beginning, a purple Murray will be following the players from a certain distance. Then, a different Murray will now follow the players for a certain amount of distance. The sixth Skull Coin can be retrieved by safely swimming through sea anemone. The exit is close by.

Area 7

The final area.

The heroes have to destroy the Blowfish in the area, while being followed by a purple Murray. Once all Blowfish are defeated, the Electoon cage can be broken to end the level. The players will then pose on the photoboard as the Magician waits for the total amount of Lums that were collected in the level.

Beware of the Mini-Murray
Beware of the Mini-Murray
Fire When Wetty Scuba Shootout
World Sea of Serendipity

RL-Teensy.png 10

150 Lums
300 Lums
450 Lums
600 Lums

Back to Origins

This level is playable in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends as the fifth one from Sea of Serendipity. There are not many notable differences between the versions; except the notable differences that appear in every other Back to Origins level. It is renamed Beware of the Mini-Murray.

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