Bongo Hills

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Bongo Hills (French: La Butte aux BongosThe Butte of Bongos) is the first level of Band Land, the second world of Rayman. It is one of the longest levels in the game, containing six parts.

The very first scenery of Band Land
The same level in the PlayStation version

Part 1

In the PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Atari Jaguar versions, this part is a typical Band Land stage, with a lot of secret passages.

In the PC version it is replaced by a totally different one, which is a transition between Dream Forest and Band Land. It features a unique scenery, with xylophone bridges over a quiet water. As Rayman climbs up, he will find himself in a new world. The DSi port uses this variant while Rayman Advance drops this part completely, starting Bongo Hills at Part 2.

PC version PS version

Moths are amongst toughest enemies in the game

Part 2

Phase 2 introduces Rayman and the player to flying moths, which are extremely resistant enemies. There are some wrong notes that, if not jumped over properly, will cause the player to lose a life.

At the near end of this part, there is a string of Tings which, when collected consecutively, play the French song Au Clair de la Lune.

PC version
PS version
Maracas rockets allow Rayman to fly high in the skies of Band Land

Part 3

Rayman will mainly use Maracas rockets to ascend this area. There are many spiked balls that can cause the player to lose lives. PC version PS version

Lightning eyes throw bolts at Rayman

Part 4

One cage is impossible to get at first, as Rayman needs the Helicopter power to reach it.

PC version
PS version
Rayman on a sprinkler, surrounded by spiky balls

Part 5

There are many spiky balls that will cause Rayman to fall from the sprinkler and into the wrong notes. There are two secret areas in this level, but one is much harder than the other.

PC version

PS version

Red monsters are the tallest enemies in the game

Part 6

This is the only level along with the PlayStation version of Moskito's Nest in Part 4 and Eat at Joe's in Part 4 to not have any cages and not involve a boss, although due to the fact that Part 1 has been cut in Rayman Advance, it places the missing cage here where in most versions an extra life would normally be found.

PC version
PS version

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