Bunnies Have A Soft Spot For Plungers

The Bunny Hunts begin...

Bunnies Have A Soft Spot For Plungers is a minigame in the console version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It is the first of nine Bunny Hunts that are encountered in the game, and is first played as a boss trial on Day 1 in Story mode. Typical of the boss trials, it cannot be accessed from the toilet once Rayman goes through the day, but can instead be accessed in Score mode through the Bunny Hunts section.


This Bunny Hunt is one of a few that is set in a town in a Western environment, where Rayman must shoot as many Rabbids as possible with plungers, while they run around carrying the same weapon. As Rayman walks through the town, he comes across a barn from which a small rocket is launched - he must shoot this back into the barn to break down the door, in order to prevent himself from losing health. Once he deals with another house nearby, he will turn around and take a few steps back where he came.

There is no boss at the end of this hunt, as the caged Baby Globox is instead hidden inside a wooden reservoir, at which four Rabbids are stick inside metal hoops, spinning around. Once these are disposed of, several coloured Rabbids will appear (the same as those in Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm), which will be temporarily stopped to dance should the player shoot at the green radio nearby. The game ends when all of these are shot, and the reservior will explode, releasing the Baby Globox.


In this hunt, there are two health crates, a green power-up crate (this temporarily increases the number of plungers Rayman can shoot at a time to three) and a red power-down crate (this decreases the range the plungers can be shot, making them ineffective).

Score mode

In Score mode, the player has to score 30,000 points in order to achieve a perfect (1,000) score.