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Clearleaf Falls is the third level in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. It is the first level in which Rayman can use the Throttle Copter, found in blue cans in this game (in Rayman 3, they can gave Rayman the Lockjaw). This level is also the first one in which he can pick up Blue Lums, logically. This level follows the not to be confused with second level, Clearleaf Forest.

Clearleaf Falls
Clearleaf Falls
Clearleaf Forest The Infernal Machine
Murfy Stamp 19000

Lums 99 Cages 4


Once Rayman enters the level, Murfy appears to tell him that a nearby switch will open the gate that leads to the exit. As Murfy leaves, Rayman will have to activate said switch and take use of the Throttle Copter to cross the dangerous bodies of piranha-infested water. Like the previous level, the aforementioned piranhas, the Slapdash, the Ninja Crab, and the Podocrocks appear in this level.


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