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Alignment Bad then good

Appears in Rayman Origins
Location Angsty Abyss

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Resistance 3 HP
Attacks Biting, contact

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Species Prawn

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Murray's true form

Murray is a boss in Rayman Origins, and one of the four Kings that the heroes must defeat. Like the other Kings, he has been warped into a powerful monster by the nightmares of the Bubble Dreamer. A gigantic leviathan-like creature, he is encountered in Murray of the Deep, the final level of Angsty Abyss. Once defeated, Murray reverts to his original form: a benevolent shrimp.

In an earlier level, Beware of Mini-Murray, the heroes encounter the so-called Mini-Murrays – eel enemies which bear more of a resemblance to the Guardian of the Ocean World, another gigantic eel.