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| Appears in = ''[[Rayman Legends]]''
| Appears in = ''[[Rayman Legends]]''
| Location = [[Olympus Maximus]]
| Location = [[Olympus Maximus]]
| resistance = [[Image:Lifebar1.png|''1HP''
| resistance = [[Image:Lifebar1.png|''1HP'']]

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Dark Creatures
Alignment bad

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Resistance 1HP
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Dark Creatures are common obstacles in Olympus Maximus. They are vicious hordes of monsters that instantly kill anything they touch. They can be killed only by purple crystals found in Olympus Maximus. However, they can survive when there are huge quantities.


They strongly resemble Darktoons. It is possible that they are the same thing. The dark creatures have three diferent eye colors: blue, when in contact with the crystals, green, when in captivity, and red, when spotting another lifeform