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[[fr:Épée volante]]
[[fr:Épée volante]]
[[es:Espada voladora]]
[[Category:Enemies from Rayman Legends]]
[[Category:Enemies from Rayman Legends]]

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A flying sword.

Flying swords are enemies in Rayman Legends. They are silver swords with brown handles, and have yellow fire emitting off them.

In Rayman Legends

Homing swords mainly appear in the Dojo, both in Olympus Maximus and the Online Challenges. They also appear in the invaded levels for Spoiled Rotten and Elevator Ambush. They can only be seen when they emerge from random holes in the walls, and when they do, they attempt to attack the players through direct contact by slowly following them. They can be defeated by moving to a certain spot where they will attach to a solid wall and disappear.