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The four Kings on the world map of Rayman Origins after being defeated.
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The four KingsDaisy, Mocking Bird, Dragon Chef and Murray – are the rulers of the four lands that compose the Glade of Dreams in Rayman Origins. When Bubble Dreamer started having nightmares again, the Kings fell under their influence, and became gigantic, evil monsters. Rayman and his friends must track down these four monsters and defeat them. When they do, the monsters revert to the small, benevolent creatures they originally were, and begin projecting a ray of energy across the sea to the Dreamer's Door. These rays are focused by four nymphs, each of whom corresponds to one of the Kings. When the four Kings have been freed and enough Electoons have been collected, the Dreamer's Door opens, allowing the heroes to pass through to the Moody Clouds – the final land of the main game. In The Reveal, the final part of this land, the heroes must fight mechanical recreations of the Daisy and the Mocking Bird (neither of which are quite as powerful as the original).

In Mystical Pique, the level preceding and connected to Moody Clouds, the heroes encounter the Golem, an enormous stone monster whom they must defeat. He appears to be the ruler of his land, but does not seem to be counted as one of the Kings. The Golem is essentially a gigantic version of the stone men, which is the same concept behind Mr Stone, a boss in the original game. When defeated, the Golem simply falls apart rather than reverting into a friendly character.

Once all ten Skull Teeth have been collected, a final level is unlocked: the Land of the Livid Dead. At the end of this level, the heroes encounter Big Mama, a tentacled pink monster. When she is defeated, she reverts into a friendly nymph. It is not clear if she is the Queen of the Land of the Livid Dead in the way that the other monsters are the Kings of their own lands.

The Kings bear a certain resemblance to the bosses of the original Rayman, in that each boss is strongly associated with their own land, and reverts to a friendly state once they have been defeated. This may mean that the original game's bosses were corrupted by the influence of Polokus's nightmares, which were presumably the result of Mr Dark stealing the Great Protoon and imbalancing the Glade of Dreams. The Kings also resemble the Guardians of the four Masks of Polokus in Rayman 2, in that their number is four and each one is associated with one of the four classical elements.


Name Element Level Domain Nymph
Daisy Earth Poor Little Daisy Jibberish Jungle / Ticklish Temples Betilla
Mocking Bird Air To Bubblize a Mocking Bird Desert of Dijiridoos / Grumbling Grottos Holly Luya
Dragon Chef Fire My Heartburn's for You Gourmand Lands / Luscious Lakes Edith Up
Murray Water Murray of the Deep Sea of Serendipity / Angsty Abyss Annetta Fish
The Robotic recreation of the Daisy as seen in The Reveal.