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[[Category:Enemies from Rayman Legends]]
[[Category:Enemies from Rayman Legends]]
[[Category:Articles requiring expansion]]
[[Category:Articles requiring expansion]]

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Frankys are large, greenish-brown monsters found in Teensies In Trouble and Toad Story in Rayman Legends. They can be seen wielding spiked shields and maces to defend themselves with, though by having Murphy tickle them they will keep these out of the way, allowing the player to defeat them.


It appears to be based on the classic description of the Frankenstein's monster, as it has stitches on its neck and arms. It also bares a resemblance to the ogre of ancient mythology. It has small red eyes and a tuft of purple hair, wears green shorts and is often seen barefoot.


Rayman encountering a Franky
A Franky in a defensive position
A Franky tickled by Murfy
A Franky with Lividstones attached