Giant Minotaur

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Giant Minotaur
Giant Minotaur
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Legends, Rayman Adventures
Location Olympus Maximus

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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Contact.

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Giant Minotaurs are large versions of the Minotaurs encountered at Olympus Maximus. It appears to be the Olympus version of the Franckys encountered in Teensies In Trouble and the Ogers encountered in Toad Story. They hold a fiery hammer and a spiked shield and appear to be among the biggest soldiers of the army of nightmares that live in Olympus Maximus, topped by only the dragons and the Dark Cloud.


They appear to more closely resemble the mythological creature, unlike their smaller brethren. They wear small helmets. They handle huge hammers and spiked shields. They also wear blue pants with a blue belt and an H buckle. In Rayman Adventures, they return, but without the hammer and shield, and they behave exactly like the Franckies and Ogers, and use the same voice clips.

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