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| name = Glombrox
| name = Glombrox
| image = [[File:Glombrox.png|250px]]
| image = [[File:Glombrox2.png|300px]]
| alignment = Bad
| alignment = Bad
| appears in = ''[[Rayman Origins]]''
| appears in = ''[[Rayman Origins]]''

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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Male
Species Glute
Status Evil clone

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"OK...?! Who let Glombrox out of his cage!? That face...! That smell...! OY! Soap and water do not just bubbles make... Oy, Glombrox, you look positively horrifying..."

Glombrox is a character so far appearing only in Rayman Origins. He is one of the three playable Glutes in the game, and the only one who is not refered as Globox in different conditions (Blue and Red). He is the last unlockable character of the game.


Glombrox appears to be the evil clone of Globox, much like how DarkRay is Rayman's evil double. This is supported by the fact that both DarkRay and Glombrox share the colour scheme of purple bodies and entirely yellow eyes, as well as the fact that Glombrox shares his height, fighting style and body shape with Globox, although he can just be another Glute, described by the Bubble Dreamer as a dangerous criminal with a poor personal hygiene. He is the last unlockable character in Rayman Origins, and is playable once all 246 Electoons have been collected.