Grand Minimus

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Grand Minimus
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Rayman M, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, Rayman Kart, Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance) (cameo), Rayman Origins
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Sex Male
Species Teensie
Status Friends

Relatives Polokus (ancestor)

The First Grand Minimus (ancestor)

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Splendid, Rayman! I'm King of the Teensies. I congratulate you on your courage.
—Grand Minimus, Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Leading the Teensie peoples as the caretaker of the Heart of the World, the Grand Minimus is the greatest little king of them all. Or kings, that is. Recent reports claim that no less than four Teensies squabble over rights to don the Minimus crown. Now, the evil Hoodlums are threatening to seize the Heart of the World – will the real Grand Minimus please stand up?
—Press release, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc [1]

The Grand Minimus is a group of four Teensies who first appear in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. They are the kings of the Teensie race, and oversee the Hall of Doors, the Isle of Doors or the Teensie Circles, depending on the version of the game. In Rayman M, two of them are playable.


The Grand Minimus was originally the title of the sole King of the Teensies. However, after Admiral Razorbeard locked the Grand Minimus up in a small cage with three other Teensies presumably of relation to the King (such as friends, advisors, relatives, etc.; their relation is never given) in the Woods of Light, the four Teensies eventually came to forget which one of them was the King. In fact, not even the King himself could remember. The four Teensies later decided that, as it was impossible to determine who was King, all four would rule over the Teensies together as the Grand Minimus.

The Grand Minimus live deep in the Fairy Council, though they have been known to travel to the Woods of Light every now and then.

All four of the Minimus wear refined green robes, and at least one has a tall crown on his head. As seen in Rayman Revolution, the Grand Minimus have a talkative personality and enjoy gossiping about recent news. Also, it is seen in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc that the Minimus have a taste for disco, and enjoy the company of a disco ball and many other disco-loving subjects in their chamber, dancing day and night.

In Rayman 2, it is soon confirmed that the Grand Minimus are the guardians of the Hall of Doors, assigned by Polokus himself after being created for that purpose. They are wise and powerful, though they seldom show it. Similar to Ly the Fairy, at least one member of the Grand Minimus is capable of creating Silver Lums. One is used by the Grand Minimus in Rayman 2, while a second is additionally used in Revolution. As may be seen in Rayman 3, the Grand Minimus also have the responsibility of guarding the Heart of the World, which resides in their throne room.

Role in the games

The four Grand Minimus Teensies introduce themselves to Rayman in the Woods of Light.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

The Grand Minimus make their debut appearance when Rayman destroys the cage at the end of the Woods of Light. Rayman hopes to ask them as to the whereabouts of Ly the Fairy, but is unsuccessful as the Minimus is distracted by the fact that they are unable to agree on who the real king is. After repeatedly grabbing the single crown from eachother's head and declaring to be king, Rayman gets frustrated and interrupts their clammor. Intimidated and worrisome as to Ly's bad news, the Teensies hush immediately and hesitantly back away. The last Teensie standing forward is quickly handed the crown.

The king then gives Rayman the bad news about Ly, but explains that Ly is being held nearby in the Fairy Glade. If Rayman has already collected five Yellow Lums, he will have collected enough energy to revitalize the king's magic powers. However, if Rayman is missing just one Lum, the king will send Rayman back to get the rest.

Magic restored, the king gives Rayman a good-bye speech before creating a Silver Lum. The Silver Lum drops down into a nearby abyss and explodes into a giant Magic Spiral Door. Rayman leaps into the door and leaves the Teensies.

Rayman next encounters the Grand Minimus as he enters the Sanctuary of Water and Ice level (Whale Bay in the PS Version). By now, the Grand Minimus have done some thinking, and have decided that all four would share being king. Standing in a line, each king would say a few sentences before walking to the end of the line as the next Teensie takes the crown and then takes his turn being king. Considering Rayman has enough Lums, the Grand Minimus open the doors to the Sanctuary. This sequence occurs again before the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire and Sanctuary of Rock and Lava levels.

The Grand Minimus is last seen in the final scene following the Crow's Nest.

Rayman Revolution

Following acquisition of the crown, the king explains that both Globox and Ly the Fairy were captured by the Robo-Pirate Army. The Grand Minimus hasn't the slightest clue where Globox is, but believe that the Teensie at the Minisaurus Plains' Teensie Circle knows where Ly was taken. Considering Rayman has five Yellow Lums collected, the king produces what appears to be a Silver Lum and sends it towards Rayman. Rayman then excitedly learns the magic fist ability. The king hops onto a pedestal and produces a second Silver Lum, which drops into a nearby void. The Lum explodes and turns into a Magic Spiral Door. After giving a farewell speech, the Grand Minimus sends Rayman off to the Front.

In Rayman Revolution, three crowned Teensies attend to the three Teensie Circles, and another three attend to the three Magic Wells. The one who attends to the Circle in Rainbow Creek is referred to a "the King of the Teensies" by the in-game instructions which appear when the player presses the Select button on the PlayStation 2 controller.

Rayman M

Two of the four Teensies in the Grand Minimus participate in the races and battles of Rayman M as one of the initial playable characters. Being that Teensies are considerably short, the two Teensies race by carrying one on top of the other.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

In Rayman 3, the Grand Minimus make their brief appearance at the end of the Fairy Council world. Rayman chases Andre and eventually arrives at their throne room, only to find it full of dancing Teensies and flashing disco lights. At the other end of the room, the Grand Minimus have Globox in their clutches. As Rayman approaches them, the Minimus tell him that Globox cannot stay in the throne room for fear that Andre could escape. To save Globox, the Grand Minimus open a portal to the Teensie Highway and explain to Rayman that he must take Globox to the Teensie Doctor in the Clearleaf Forest. Rayman 3 was the first game to give the sovereign Teensies the name "Grand Minimus".

The Grand Minimus as he appears in Rayman Kart

Rayman Kart

The Grand Minimus is a playable characters in Rayman Kart. He is the third character to unlock and his special power is to warp himself in the first place.

Rayman Origins

The Grand Minimus is a major character in Rayman Origins. He makes his first appareance during the cinematic introduction of the game, taking a nap with his friends Rayman, Globox, the Goth Teensie and the Bubble Dreamer, and making grumbling noises while sleeping on Globox's back. The noises of the group annoy their neighbours, the Livid Dead, and they decide to lock them in cages at the Snoring Tree. Weirdly, after that the Grand Minimus is not seen, and is replaced by a regular Green Teensie, becoming an unlockable character, possibly due development issues. Something similar happend with the Teensie Wizard replaced by the Goth Teensie.

The Grand Minimus' role as a king doesn't take any relevance in the plot, but the lack of the other members of the Grand Minimus may imply that they finally decided who would be the real Grand Minimus. However, another Crowned Teensie called the Fire Teensie can be seen at the World Map and as a playable character, possibly implying that the problem between the kings is still in play, or that this king is the Grand Minimus himself but tortured by the inhabitants of Infernal Kitchen (As mentioned by the Bubble Dreamer). A zombie teensie with a gnawed crown also makes an appearance; the Bubble Dreamer identifies him as The First Grand Minimus.

Rayman Legends

According to a leaked trailer, the Grand Minimus will make a return as a playable character in Rayman Legends. His moveset will be the same as that in Rayman Origins, though this time he can be used as an avatar for online games. His role in the story is still unknown.


In Revolution and Rayman 3, similar-looking crowned Teensies make frequent appearances. It is generally regarded that this is not the Minimus, as there are more crowned Teensies than there are in the Minimus. However, it is unknown how the crowned Teensies are related to the Grand Minimus.


  • Of all the characters in Rayman 2, the Grand Minimus undergo the greatest voice change between the PS version of Rayman 2 and Revolution. In the PS Rayman 2, they sound like wise old men, while in Revolution they have high-pitched, squeaky voices.
  • Rayman 2's Grand Minimus theme song includes ceaseless murmurs by the Teensies, subtly indicating the talkative personality further explored in Revolution.
  • Rayman 3's Grand Minimus theme song reflects the music style of the American 60s.



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