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[[Category:Friends from Rayman 2]]
[[Category:Friends from Rayman 2]]
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Alignment Good

Appears in R2, RR
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Sex Male
Species Globox
Status People

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Hardrox is a baby Globox and as such is one of Globox and Uglette's 650 children. He is one of the eight playable babies that appear in the Globox Disc minigame, which can be played in both Rayman Revolution and the Sega Dreamcast version of Rayman 2. In the former game, he also acts as referee in the Baby Football minigame. In the latter game, he can also be seen in Globox Village, which is where the Globox Disc minigame is accessed from.

Despite his name, he bears no known connection to the Hard Rocks, a level in the original Rayman game.

The image of a skull on Hardrox's belly bears a remarkable resemblance to the face of Jack Skellington, a character from the 1993 stop-motion animated film, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is unclear whether this was a deliberate reference on the part of the developers.

Videogame appearances

As his name, possibly derived from the music genre 'hard rock', suggests, Hardrox is a black-coloured baby with a white skull pattern on his belly, and his head is covered in thin strands of black hair.