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Rayman is given his fourth power by Betilla the Fairy

The Helicopter, also known as the Helico and lately as Hairlycopter, is the fourth power that Rayman is bestowed by Betilla the Fairy in the original game, at the end of Allegro Presto. However, it is still possible to get it before the grappling fist. It allows Rayman's hair to spin like helicopter blades, which lets him jump further. This way, he can reach platforms which were previously inaccessible and glide back onto the ground with precision.

Rayman activating his helicopter hair

A temporary upgrade of the Helicopter is also available: it is called the Super Helicopter. It allows him to fly in the air with his hair, which happens twice in the game: in Mr Stone's Peaks, when he is given the potion by the Musician, and in Pencil Pentathlon, where he finds another potion.

Even though Rayman loses most of his powers at the beginning of Rayman 2, his Helicopter remains, being as useful as ever. When he goes beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, Ly appears before him and gives him a Silver Lum, which upgrades his Helicopter to Super Helicopter again. Unfortunately, at the end of the level, he loses this upgrade to Foutch, who thumps him. In Rayman Revolution, this was partially restored, meaning that he could permanently fly only over pools of lava.

Rayman uses his helicopter power in Big Date, an episode from the animated series. When he is asked what he is doing, he replies with 'Just a little trick I picked up!', referring to when Betilla the Fairy gave him this power in Rayman. This may confirm some connection with the games storyline, placing the series at least sometime after the original game. The reference is very vauge, however.

The Helicopter in Rayman 2

In Rayman 3, he retains his normal helicopter ability. The Super Helicopter ability was revisited in the game as well, in the form of the Throttle Copter. The Throttle Copter was, of the five, the power with the shortest time limit, though it allows for brief flying similar to that in previous games.

In the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, Rayman receives the power to fly with his Helicopter so long as he consumed a Blue Lum - small ones would let him fly for a little while, whereas large ones allowed him to fly until the end of the level, similar to that of the world Magmacosm. Blue Lums are first found in Prickly Passage, however you cannot use them until you have been given the power to do so by Ly. The first main level in this game to use these Blue Lums to continue is the Underlands. In this game, Rayman is unable to fly like the other games, as he can only stay a-float for 3 seconds until he falls.

The helicopter in Rayman Origins.

In Rayman Origins, Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies recieve the power to glide after rescuing Holly Luya from the mouth of a Darktoon. The helicopter allows you to glide over obstacles and can lift you up if you use the ability in air.