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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3
Location The Summit Beyond the Clouds

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Attacks None

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Species Hoodlum

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Equipped with pairs of leathery, bat-like wings, the Hoodloon division is on a mission to achieve air superiority. Unfortunately, the Hoodloons are so batty about their ability to fly that they'd rather be superheroes than soldiers.
—Official description, Rayman 3

Hoodloons, also known as Flapoteurs, are harmless flying Hoodlums which appears in Rayman 3.

The Hoodloon's costume is equipped with bat-like wings. They are so obsessed with their ability to fly that they spurn battle in favour of being “superheroes”. One Hoodloon appears briefly in the Summit Beyond the Clouds, where it is seen playing at being a superhero by lifting Hoodlums with its mouth while flying.

At an early point in Rayman 3's development, the Hoodloon, then known as Cagouflap (also spelled Kagouflap) and the Hoodstormer, then known as Cagoustic (also spelled Kagustick), two flying Hoodlums, were both present as enemies in the game. The Hoodloon would have actively attacked Rayman: equipped with a metal helmet, it would fly above him, dealing out devastating ‘ball strikes’. However, there was one obvious presentation problem with the character, linked to the choice of cameras. Furthermore, choices had to be made by the developers from all the Hoodlums on offer and, in the end, the Hoodloon was cut from the game, with the exception of the Summit Beyond the Clouds, where it does not attack Rayman, so the limits of the camera are not particularly relevant to it.