Hover Happy!

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Hover Happy!
One hour of flight time!
—Trophy/Gamerscore achievement description, Rayman Origins

Hover Happy! is one of the unlockable trophies from Rayman Origins for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and one of the unlockable Gamerscore achievements from the Xbox 360 version. Unlocking it will reward a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita player with a silver trophy, and an Xbox 360 player with 20G.

Tips and tricks

  • Every moment of the usage of the gliding power counts.
  • The trophy/achievement is accumulative, meaning that every gliding time counts even if the console is turned off, without the need of gliding for one hour in one session of gameplay.
  • If by the completion of the game the player hasn't unlocked the trophy/achievement, one of the easiest levels to accumulate extra flying time is to backtrack to Wind or Lose and leaving the character gliding on a vertical air current area where there is a stable and safe ceiling until the award is triggered.

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