Inspector Grub

Inspector Grub is a character who appears only in Rayman: The Animated Series.

Inspector Grub
Inspector Grub
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman: The Animated Series
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Portrayed by Danny Mann

Sex Male
Species Unknown
Status Inspector / Detective / Sergeant

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He is a member of the species that dominates Aeropolis, and there he is a policeman and a detective. After being given the order by Rigatoni to find and arrest Rayman and his friends, he is in pursuit for them, until he loses his car in the Scrapyard to a giant car-eating cow monster, therefore losing his job. He lives on his own in a tree house high up in the trees of Aeropolis forest, where Rayman and the gang fall into and then have to keep themselves out of Grub's sight.

It was later revealed that he had a mother, who is a patient at the Headrest Asylum. Thanks to the gang, he also gets himself a date.

There is some uncertainty about Grub's rank. Although official sources call him ‘Inspector’, in the first episode Rigatoni addresses him as ‘Detective’. The Rayman Zone magazine refers to him as ‘Sergeant’.