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* ''*Incomprensible language*''
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* ''"Thanks [[Rayman]], baby! This [[super helicopter|super helicopter power]] is for you!"''
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* ''"Hey [[Rayman]]! Take this magical seed!"''  
* ''"Hey [[Rayman]]! Take this magic seed!"''  

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This is a list of quotes from both the Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, MS-DOS/PC, Nintendo Game Boy Color, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DSi versions of Rayman. The quotes are listed alphabetically, by character.

Betilla the Fairy

  • "Hello Rayman, I'm Betilla the Fairy and I'm going to help you in your quest."
  • "I can give you a new power."
  • "Now you can punch with your fist. Good luck!"
  • "Press the A button to punch. The longer you press, the further you punch."
  • "Press the □ button to punch. The longer you press, the further you punch."
  • "Rayman please help me! Hurry!"


  • *Incomprensible language*


  • "Hi folks! Do you want to know what's going on? Let me tell you the story of Rayman!

In Rayman's world, nature and people live together in peace. The Great Protoon provides and maintains the harmony and balance in the world.

Sorry Folks, this apparently can't last.

One fateful day, the evil Mr Dark steals the Great Protoon and defeats Betilla the Fairy as she tries to protect it! The Electoons who used to gravitate all around it lose their natural stability and scatter all over the world! Troublesome, isn't it? And untidy, too!

In this now-unbalanced world, strange phenomena begin to occur: freaks and hostile characters appear, capturing every Electoon they can find!

They definitely need a hero to save them now, don't you think?

Rayman to the rescue!

Go and free the Electoons, Rayman, and bring back the Great Protoon from his mysterious kidnapper!

But will the bad guys let him do it?"

  • "Ten Tings please!"
  • "You have done it! You saved the World!"

Mr Dark

  • "You're doomed Rayman..."



  • "No problem!"
  • "YEAH!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "I'm waiting!"
  • "Yo, dude!"


  • "Hey Rayman! Take this magic seed!"