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* ''"[over intercom] Good day! You are entering the headquarters of the [[Black Lums]]. Exterior temperature: minus 61 degrees. Interior temperature: 98.6 degrees and rising!"''
* ''"You have entered into the foundry, the [[Black Lum]]s' hotspot!"''
* ''"You are now entering the warehouse. It is here that our lead troops test their weapons with rigor and patience."''
* ''"You are currently in the hall of the Horrible Machine.  And this is bad."''
* ''"Please present yourself at the welcome desk."''
* ''"Please present yourself at the welcome desk."''
* ''"Will the incredible glute please report to the welcome desk?"''
* ''"You are now entering the warehouse.  It is here that our elite troops test their weapons with rigour and patience."''
* ''"Air traffic control has reported that [[The Leptys]] is now in view!"''
* ''"Warning! A moth invasion has just been detected in the ventilation system."''
* ''"Will the incredible glute please report to the welcome desk?  Will the incredible glute ''please'' report to the welcome desk?"''
* ''"The visit is about to begin!"''
* ''"Attention [[Hoodlums]]! [[André]], our beloved Master is not pleased!  Rayman is still alive.  As long as you don't know how to shoot, you will remain locked in a fiery rage.  Now, practise, practise, practise! "''
* ''"You have entered into the foundry, the Black Lums' hotspot!"''
* ''"Air traffic control has announced that The Leptys is about to land on the [[Tower of the leptys|Tower]] summit."''
* ''"Due to the extreme sensitivity of the God, we kindly ask you not to drink in his presence, and to avoid verifying the room temperature."''
* ''"You are currently in the hall of the [[Horrible Machine]].  And this is where..."''

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This is a list of quotes from the PC, Apple Macintosh, Gizmodo digiBLAST, NOKIA N-Gage, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox versions of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. The quotes are listed alphabetically, by character.


  • "Get me a drink or I start nibbling his arteries!"
  • "I'm thirsty! I'm thirsty! I'm thirsty!"
  • "Globox, stop eating your boogers. I feel like I'm sitting in a quiche lorraine."
  • "Hey, Globox, will you grant me one final request? Find me some plum juice, pleeaase!"
  • "My Hoodlums are not far. They'll split you open and see what color you are on the inside!"
  • "A barrel!"
  • "Aaaah, excellent!"
  • "Gah! Listen up, pipsqueak! Soon I'll transform the energy from the heart of the world into an army of Hoodlums! Then, I'll deal with you! Ehahahahaha!"
  • "Bug off, fairy! Zelda needs you again!"
  • "Get me out of here or I start chewing!"
  • "A drink! A drink! And hurry up!"
  • "My kingdom for a bottle! Just one little bottle of plum juice!"
  • "‘Silly Globox! Silly Globox!’ Who is this bone head!?"
  • "Hey, I see light! I’m going to take a look. Eww, ew. On second thought, I’d better stay here."
  • "Globox, someday I’ll have you over for dinner. Or maybe I’ll just have you for dinner! Ooh-ar!"
  • "‘And you’re my bestest friend.’ I didn’t know it was possible to be so lame!"
  • "Yeah, and you almost didn’t wet yourself. You disgust me!"
  • "Nothing is lost, my brothers! Hear me! I know someone who can help us! Follow me!"
  • "Reflux! I know that you dream of getting revenge against Rayman, and I need energy to multiply. Steal the sceptre from your King, and I will serve you Rayman's head on a platter! Huhuhuahahahaaaaa!"
  • "‘Ehahahaha! Rayman, your friend has fallen into my trap, and soon it will be your turn. heeheeheehee!"
  • "Hey, Toots, give me that mike. Call the reinforcements! Lock all engines! Don’t let Rayman get his mitts on the Horrible Machine!"
  • "Look who’s coming to dinner."
  • "‘Rayman! You ain't getting off that easily. If the factory goes, you go with it!"
  • "‘My brothers, empty the blub-blub vat! Ahahahahaha!"
  • "‘Careful! Don't drink more than you can handle!"
  • "‘Careful! You wouldn't want to get your pretty shoes dirty."
  • "‘Stop him!! Rayman must not reach the Leptys!"
  • "‘He's finally alone, stop him!"
  • "‘Looks like you're at the end of your rope."
  • "‘Do not let him get through!"
  • "Wow, Reflux, you’re so big and strong!"
  • "With the energy from your mighty sceptre, I will be able to reproduce infinitely! Hahahaha!"
  • "‘Yes, Andy! Yes, Andy!’ Can’t you say anything else?"
  • "I told you I'd serve you Rayman on a platter. Bon appétit! Ahahahahahaha!"
  • "Ha ha! This idiot doesn't even know how to jump any more!"
  • "Reflux! Keep an eye on your sceptre - We can't let Rayman get'a hold of it!"
  • "Shut up, you ignoramus!"
  • "No! Don’t touch me! Nooo! Nooo! Globoooox! Help meeee, I’m scaaared! Noo! Ahhhhh!"

Baby Globox(es)

  • "There's Pa! Pa's come back! And Rayman too!"


  • "My darling, finally I can hold you in my arms!"
  • "Punish me!"
  • "I think I need to be grounded!"
  • "Aaaah, you little peeping tom, you should be ashamed! Why I'm gonna kill you!"
  • "I don't wanna hear about it! Go take your filthy business somewhere else!"
  • "I hate this guy! I hate him! I hate him!"
  • "Aaah, there’s that pervert again!"
  • "Come find me if you’re man enough!"
  • "Ha ha! My Prince Charming! Come let me kiss you!"
  • "This way, schnookims!"
  • "Don’t touch me!"
  • "Try to catch me, naughty boy!"
  • "Try that on for size!"
  • "This should tame you!"
  • "Hoo hoo, you know what you want!"
  • "Now that you have me where you want me, I suppose you’ll want to take advantage of me, won’t you! …Won’t you?"
  • "Rayman? Raaaymaan! Raaaymaaan!"
  • "What’s yer problem? You afraid of girls?"

Clearleaf Stadium commentator

  • "Some very effective legwork out there today."
  • "The Hoodlums didn’t know what hit ‘em."
  • "There’s a real lack of organization in the Hoodlum camp today, Tom."
  • "Oh, Rayman is unstoppable today, folks! He’s a real steamroller!"
  • "Halleluiah!"
  • "Rayman treating the fans at home to a spectacular technical display!"
  • "Yikes! I’ve seen better defense in a Little League game!"
  • "Coming to you live from Clearleaf Stadium, where local favourite Rayman is on hand to settle a score with the Hoodlums!"
  • "The Hoodlums are either here to kick some butt or chew some gum, and they're all out of gum!"
  • "Not a moment of rest for these violent gladiators; these boys are giving it two hundred percent!"
  • "Oh yeah! Supadibity baby!"

Count Razoff

  • "You will look perfect in my living room. Stuffed and mounted on my wall!"
  • "I've always wanted a Rayman skin rug in front of my fireplace."
  • "I came, I saw, I kicked some butt."
  • "Here, pretty, pretty, pretty!"
  • "I'll be right back. I have to go powder my nose."
  • "Unlucky and unwise is he who risks entering my domain. Let's give him a warm welcome."
  • "Ha! The faster you run, the faster you die!"
  • "I've tamed a more ferocious beast than you."
  • "Hahahaha! No one can stop me!"
  • "You will not get far!"
  • "Hunting season has begun!"
  • "Run!"
  • "Stay away!"
  • "Hahahaha! The trap has sprung!"
  • "You will not escape!"
  • "Move over, Buffalo Bill! Here comes cannonball Bill!"
  • "No more steroids for you, scoundrel!"
  • "Ah ha! There you are! Get ready for this! Hahahahaha!"
  • "Oh, what a shame."
  • "Oh, did you hurt yourself?"
  • "Get off!"
  • "How I pity you, you who have had the misfortune of becoming the prey of Razoff the hunter!"


  • "I'm a lover, not a fighter."
  • "Check out those birds! Boy, do they look stupid."
  • "Oh, just passing through. Pay no attention to me."
  • "It's only a video game. It's only a video game."
  • "I am so, so sorry."
  • "Something's wrong."
  • "Hey, Rayman, I didn't know you had a twin."
  • "Are we there yet?"
  • "I don't feel too good."
  • "I feel a little woozy."
  • "Hi, Rayman! What's up down there? Can't you fly? Like everyone else."
  • "Yoohoo, Rayman, it's me! Globox! In here!"
  • "I did it! I knew it would work! I did it!"
  • "Isn't life just grand?"
  • "I'm so happy."
  • "These doctors are cool, but if they want us to hurry, they could at least give us a hand. I mean, come on! Every time the world needs saving, nobody's around. Good thing we are. As if we had time for this!"
  • "Hmm, this looks like a magic door. If I find the right formula, it might open!"
  • "Good thing I know how to open the door now."
  • "There. Woo. It wasn’t easy, but I did it."
  • "Gaseous glutes, this shortcut ain’t so short! Looks like another job for me."
  • "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!"
  • "Anarg nafra ulfaz dezuter intialvup!"
  • "Rayman, go play somewhere else, I'm trying to concentrate!"
  • "Bibbidi bobbidi boo!"
  • "Open sesame!"
  • "Cthulhu R'lyeh fhtagn!"
  • "Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Aah, that won't work."
  • "Abracadabra!"
  • "Yay! Rayman's back! Yay! What the... Big hand, leave him here!"
  • "Hey, Rayman, how are we gonna get to the doctor's?"
  • "Rayman, I need medical attention. Quick!"
  • "I can swim! I can swim!"
  • "I’m on a roll. I can feel it."
  • "Don’t provoke me. I’m warning you."
  • "What the… Who? Who turned off the nice music? Hope I didn’t break anything. Music, where are ya?"
  • "Rayman, yoohoo! That's my friend out there."
  • "Get him, Rayman! Make him eat his hood!"
  • "Rayman! Look what I found! I can't find the brakes!"
  • "Hahahaha! Admit it, you were scared. Wanna lift?"
  • "Aaah, my shades!"
  • "Guess what, I dreamt I was pregnant. It was great. I craved strawberries."
  • "Hello, stars. Hello, nature. What’s your name, little flower? Rose? My name’s Globox."
  • "Hey, pretty turtle. Can I come inside your house? Oh, why not? Are you busy vacuuming?"
  • "You slimy caterpillar, come on, give me a big, wet kiss. Uncle Globox’s lips are chapped."
  • "I don’t care. I want my Andy."
  • "You have to scare the Red Lums."
  • "Andy! My little Andy! We’re comin’ for ya!"
  • "Oh, no. I think I just hit a fish."
  • "Oh, no. I hit another fish. Can’t they swim deeper?"
  • "Rayman, we’re almost there! We’re gonna save Andy! We’re the kings of the world!"
  • "Ah, the Land of the Livid Dead, at last. In any case, it’s nice and calm here. And here I was expecting a scary place filled with terrifying ghouls. Silly Gobox."
  • "Rayman, you’re the coolest ever! And you’re my bestest friend."
  • "Check out these gears! Remarkable! André’s already into heavy machinery. What a precocious child."
  • "Enough with the costumes already! We gotta get to the doctor’s!"
  • "Are you finally done goofin’ off? Can we get going now?"
  • "Bravo! Well done! You’re the best! Can we go now?"
  • "Cool, we get to meet the lady."
  • "Hey, no fair, he’s protected by a sorcerer!"
  • "Rayman, over here, quick, untie me! All the blood is rushing to my head...feels...weird...I'm starting to feel more intelligent...HELP!"
  • "Dear player, it might surprise you to learn that yours truly is composed of eight hundred and sixteen polygons. Given that the garden-variety glute only contains THREE hundred and eighteen polygons, you can PLAINLY see why I'm on the cutting edge of 3D technology."'
  • "Please note that I'm also endowed with twenty formation poses and sixteen animations, resulting in a kind of flexibility that comes in handy during combat and in more intimate situations."


  • "Ah, this door leads to a shortcut that will allow you to catch up with them. Now hurry."
  • "Ah, you will take this boat and go after them."
  • "Oh, yeah? Let’s see about that. Otto. Roméo. Could you please hurry up?"
  • "Oooh, don’t let him get away!"

Grand Minimus


King Gumsi

  • "Silence!"
  • "I said sileeence!"
  • "Would you shut up, you stupid toad!"
  • "Now Reflux is my champion, and no Knaaren has ever defeated him! Do you really believe that a limbless, little runt has a chance against him? No, but, really, I'm sure your friend will shine in the arena, when Reflux is burning his corpse! Let the combat begin!"
  • "Oh, no, no, no! Shut your cake hole!"
  • "Shut up, you idiot, I’m the king!"


  • "Make him write bad checks."
  • "Tear off his flesh!"
  • "Let him run. Meat better with salt."
  • "Brain, fresh brain."
  • "Get him."
  • "Crush his bones."
  • "Skin him."
  • "Stick bamboo under his nails."
  • "Poke him in the eyes."
  • "Spit in his eye."
  • "Hey, does anybody have any cough syrup?"


  • "Oh, my god! What is going on here? Would you mind being any more quiet!"
  • "Do you mind? Some of us are trying to work around here."
  • "Hey, enough with the noise already!"
  • "Is that you, Mary Lou?"


  • "Have you tried the mushrooms yet?"
  • "André! -You’re supposed to say that the bad guy’s called André! Stick to the script, will you??"


  • "Ugh, look out Rayman! André's a Black Lum, and Black Lums are twisted. Maybe he'll even force Globox to drink plum juice, and we all know Globox is allergic to plum juice! See you in Rayman 4!"
  • "There's André! Quick, shoot him! I can't cover you much longer!"
  • "Woah, what could this be? 'Laser detergent that transforms your clothes into combat fatigues'!"
  • "Don’t let him escape!"
  • "Excuse me, have you seen André?"
  • "Huh huh huh! How’s it hangin’, weiner dog? Come on, I’m kiddin’. Hey, I like that outfit on you. When does it come off? Huh huh huh! Don’t be so touchy. Here, check out what I found. The manual. It’s all in here. If you read the story, you’ll find your way out. ‘Once upon a time, there were Lums. Harmony. Love. Peace.’ Boring! ‘Suddenly, a Black Lum transforms the Red Lums into Hoodlums. The world is in great danger.’ Ooh, here we go, here we go. It says here that Globox took off with your hands."
  • "What I tell ya, here come the bugs again!"
  • "They’re raiding the Fairy Council! Enough is enough!"
  • "I was told that after ‘Rayman 2’ I’d be cast as a tormented artist who falls for a girl with great, big…eh…eyes. And here I am, still playing a sidekick in some low-budget flick. Eesh."
  • "Hahahaha, very stunning. Now you just gotta figure out how it works. Good luck."
  • "Oh, no, here comes numbskull again."
  • "Oooh, this place is crawlin’ with them."
  • "Aaah! They’re shootin’ at us! How original of them."
  • "Grab those red things, okay?"
  • "Rayman, you truly are the best."
  • "What? This is out of control! The manual claims that you can make a chopper outta your hair. Make a chopper off your hair. Huh. Sounds like someone’s been eatin’ paint chips again."
  • "Globox? Globox! Heel!"
  • "Globox, get back here!"
  • "Bravo, Rayman."
  • "Check it out, the Fairy Council. You’re lookin’ for action, this ain’t the place. Wacky spinsters around here."
  • "This manual just blows my mind. Heh. It explains the switch’s trigger mechanism. Duh! Puh-lease. Who’s responsible for this garbage?"
  • "Hey! Hey! Sounds like Globox!"
  • "Show that barrel!"
  • "Hey, room for a third?"
  • "All this happiness in the beginning of the game. Something bad is gonna happen. I know it."
  • "Good job, Rayman. Where would you be without you?"
  • "The manual says you can curve your punches. Seems important."
  • "Ah, looks like you’ve hit rock bottom. Get back up there!"

Otto Psi

  • "You're too late. Reflux and André are already here."
  • "If he finds the energy to multiply, all is lost."


  • "Ooh! Harder!"
  • "Eheheheh! I've been a bad boy! Ohohoh! A very very bad bad boy!"
  • "Ohohoh! Don't hold back!"
  • "Ahi! Pain for me!"


  • "I think I have an idea."
  • "Combat fatigues! That's exactly what we need! You're right."
  • "Knowing what a scaredy cat he is, he’s probably hiding someplace."
  • "I’m sorry! I-I-I’m sorry! I-I-I didn’t-I didn’t mean to!"
  • "Globox! Globox! Are you okay? Globox!"
  • "Hey, we’re back where we started. Looks like we get a full night’s sleep, after all."
  • "Hey, what’s the matter, Globox?"
  • "Y’know, he’s happier now. Look at the Red Lums, how happy they seem."
  • "I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. Besides, I wouldn’t know how to do it."
  • "I hate to imagine what could possibly scare a Lum."


  • "Ah, step aside! He's mine!"
  • You seem pretty clever, and that's a good thing. I like clever people: their brains are tastier... Let's see how well you hold yourself... in the arena!

Roméo Patti

  • "Like, they're going to invoke the Leptys and gain unimaginable powers, dude."
  • "Uh, like, uh, if they succeed in, like, uh, invoking the Leptys, uh, like, the whole world will, like, uh, go up in smoke, dude."
  • "Dude, still in bed? Well, it must’ve been a late night. Uh huh huh. Just kidding. Haha. My colleague explained everything. Well, it seems like you swallowed a Black Lum. Major bummer. You see, Black Lums reproduce like some kinda crazy weed. They’re really wacky. Let’s see if we can, y’know, hook you up with something to take the pain away, huh? How’s that sound? Hold on a sec here."
  • "Dude, like, the Lum is so fast."


  • "I have to go drop the kids off at the pool."
  • "I have to go powder my nose."
  • "I have to go walk my flowers and water my dog."
  • "Oh, lucky me. I have to go iron my kilt."
  • "Yay, I need to go alphabetize my sausages."
  • "I have to go wash my hair."
  • "I have to go. I have an appointment with my psychic."
  • "I have to go potty train my anteater."
  • "I need to go make some waffles."
  • "I have to go soup up my hot rod."
  • "I have to go file my taxes."
  • "I have to go upholster my sofa."
  • "Little grasshopper, hit the gong. It will attract the Knaaren."
  • "I’ll meet you downstairs."
  • "One of my brothers is still held captive. Free him, and we’ll open up our world for you."
  • "I gotta go! Nature calls!"
  • "I gotta go finish my yogurt."
  • "Ha-hey, big nose! If you want to cross the desert, you need to use the tunnels."
  • "But, it won’t be easy. The tunnels are swarming with Knaaren. And those beasts are in-vince-i-ble."
  • "Yeah, well, you got a better idea?"
  • "You bet your bottom dollar, I do."
  • "Okay, listen closely, big nose. Do not let the Knaaren get near you. You understand? Never! If they get their claws on you, you’re dead. Well, it wasn’t nice knowin’ ya!"
  • "I have to go finish my snowman."
  • "I need to go crochet a doily."
  • "I have to go flush the toilet."
  • "I have to go. I’m late for my drum solo."


  • "[over intercom] Good day! You are entering the headquarters of the Black Lums. Exterior temperature: minus 61 degrees. Interior temperature: 98.6 degrees and rising!"
  • "Please present yourself at the welcome desk."
  • "You are now entering the warehouse. It is here that our elite troops test their weapons with rigour and patience."
  • "Air traffic control has reported that The Leptys is now in view!"
  • "Warning! A moth invasion has just been detected in the ventilation system."
  • "Will the incredible glute please report to the welcome desk? Will the incredible glute please report to the welcome desk?"
  • "The visit is about to begin!"
  • "Attention Hoodlums! André, our beloved Master is not pleased! Rayman is still alive. As long as you don't know how to shoot, you will remain locked in a fiery rage. Now, practise, practise, practise! "
  • "You have entered into the foundry, the Black Lums' hotspot!"
  • "Air traffic control has announced that The Leptys is about to land on the Tower summit."
  • "Due to the extreme sensitivity of the God, we kindly ask you not to drink in his presence, and to avoid verifying the room temperature."
  • "You are currently in the hall of the Horrible Machine. And this is where..."


  • "Ooh! The young people today..."
  • "In my days this kind of nonsense was not allowed!"
  • "Oh! My dentures! I've lost my dentures!"
  • "Help! Police!"
  • "No respect! No respect!"
  • "Ooh! My heart! Ow. Oh... my bladder!"
  • "You haven't heard the last of me, young man!"
  • "Ooh! My pills! Hurry!"
  • "Ah! If I was three-hundred years younger!"
  • "Disgraceful!"
  • "Ah! Your parents should have put you in military school!"
  • "You need a caning!"