Living Dead Party

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Living Dead Party
Living Dead Party
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The Living Dead Party is the sixth world of paintings in Rayman Legends, and the final world of the game. It is unlocked after collecting 400 Teensies.


This world consists of music stages; it introduces one new level, Grannies World Tour, while the others are remixed "8-Bit Edition" variants of the earlier music stages. The "8-Bit Edition" levels feature chiptune remixes of the original music; these levels also implement various visual filters, such as a fish-eye lens, pixellation, onscreen noise/static, split-screen, and turning the screen upside down, in order to throw the player off, making the stages more challenging. Aside from the chiptune music and filters, the layouts of the stages remain the same as the originals.

The logo for Living Dead Party.


Grannies World Tour takes place in Land of the Livid Dead, and features a remixed version of the song "Chasing A Dream", which was originally heard in Rayman Origins. The 8-Bit Edition of the level implements various visual filters which are seen in the other 8-Bit stages, but unlike those other stages, it cycles through many filters throughout the level, including turning the screen upside down, as seen in the Amazing Maze.