Lum Challenge

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Lum Challenge
Lum Challenge
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Pirate Stronghold

Lums 1 Cages 0

Lum Challenge is the thirtieth and final level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and the last of the game's optional bonus levels. It is found in the Pirate Stronghold, the last of the game's four worlds. It is unlocked by completing the four Mega Havoc bonus levels, each of which are unlocked by gathering all the Yellow Lums in their respective worlds. In other words, Lum Challenge is unlocked by collecting the first 999 Yellow Lums in the game. It contains only the 1000th Yellow Lum. There are no cages to be found in this level.


Lum Challenge is possibly the game's most difficult level; its lack of enemies is compensated for by its intense platforming. It takes place in an environment similar to that of the Mettleworks. As was the case in the Mega Havoc levels, there is only one stage. Rayman must use Blue Lums to pass over lava and pits, and he must destroy many helicopter bombs with his telescopic fist while doing so. Sometimes he is required to charge his fist fully while helicoptering through the air to break down wooden doors, or perform similarly complex tasks. The punching platforms from the Ly's Punching Challenge levels are present here, as are the swinging spiky fruits from the Prickly Passage level. At the end of the level, Rayman finds the 1000th Yellow Lum.

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