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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Legends
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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Contact.

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Minotaurs are enemies in the upcoming game Rayman Legends. They are small anthrophomorphic light-purple creatures with an upset face, short humanoid arms, hoof-like feet and a pair of downwards pointing bull horns. They wear dark-purple pants and a belt with a "W" as a buckle. While this might mean that they work for someone with a "W" as an initial, it might also simply mean that they accidentaly wear their belts upside down to represent their initial "M". Some of them seem to like cleaning everything, constantly using brushes and rags to keep floors and cages clean.

Individually, they don't represent a major menace as they don't move (they just perform a small jump) and can be easily defeated with one hit, but in groups they can become a more challenging obstacle. Compensating their underdeveloped size, some Minotaurs use the tactic of standing in top of each other to create a wall of Minotaurs and don't let the heroes pass. This wall can be easily destroyed, as the weakness of these creatures makes them all fall and bubblize immediately with one hit; sometimes doing this has a consequence, like losing the opportunity to get a cage in a hard to reach place. Minotaur are apparently allied to a bigger type of minotaur, which holds a shield and a fiery hammer and resembles more the original mythological creature, with a more human body and the full head of a bull.