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Mr. Dark
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 1, Rayman Junior
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Sex Male
Species Unknown
Status Villain

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Mr. Dark is the main antagonist in Rayman 1. He had stolen the Great Protoon and defeated Betilla the Fairy who tried to protect it, before kidnapping her at a later point in the game. His exact species is unknown despite this lack of arms and legs like the rest of the characters in the game, as he does not show his face apart from his glowing yellow eyes. He also wears a dark blue cloak and hat.

Despite his role in Rayman one as the main antagonist, he does not choose to fight Rayman, but rather cast strange spells on him and finally fleeing. Because of this, the return of Betilla and the Great Protoon are not seen, though a picture shown afterwards suggests that they had been rescued. Dark does however fight as a final boss in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman 1.

Mr Dark also appears in the educational version of Rayman 1, Rayman Junior, in which he steals the Great Book of Knowledge from the Magician and destroys a map to his hideout.