Ocean Spider

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Ocean Spider
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Claw attack, contact

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Ocean Spiders (named Crabby Shellfish in The Daily Bubble, possibly just to imply a pun) are rare aquatic enemies that appear in Rayman Origins. Despite their name, they are not arachnids but crustaceans; this inconsistency may stem from their resemblance to Japanese spider crabs. They appear in the Sea of Serendipity and Angsty Abyss. They are large, spiked crab-like enemies with similar attack patterns as Red monsters from the original Rayman game. Their outer shell is impenetrable, and can't be attacked directly, but when they move their legs to walk or attack, they do it slowly, and give to the players access to their soft underbelly, which is their weak spot. If players hit their weak spot, the Ocean Spiders will bubblize. Despite their big size (being the biggest non-boss enemies in the game), they only take one hit to Bubblize, like most of the enemies in Rayman Origins. They also appear in Mosquito riding levels, but take four hits to Bubblize, and in order to reach their underbelly, the players must shoot certain walls or floors, to make their shots bounce.