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A popolopoï, as seen in Rayman M.

Popolopoï are a species of butterfly found commonly in the Glade of Dreams. Most popolopoï are bright blue; yellow popolopoï are rarer. For the majority of the Rayman series, popolopoï act merely as background elements are are not mentioned or named; they are given much more prominence in Rayman M.

Popolopoï in Rayman
A popolopoï in Rayman 2, with a detailed view

In the original Rayman game, blue Popolopoï can be seen fluttering amongst the scenery of the Dream Forest. In the Sega Saturn version and Rayman Designer, several other colours are introduced.

In Rayman 2: The Great Escape and its remakes, blue and yellow popolopoï can be seen in the background in the Woods of Light.

In Rayman M, there is an entire racing mode which revolves around them. In Popolopoï mode, the player must run through the race course while shooting as many popolopoï as he can; each popolopoï struck grants the player extra time, which he will need in order to finish the race. The yellow popolopoï are rarer and grant more time than the blue ones.

In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, sparkling blue popolopoï are visible in the Fairy Council. Appearing randomly, they twirl around Rayman while making slight noises. Both the blue and yellow types appear in the Game Boy Advance version.

A popolopoï, as seen in Rayman M.