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RayTunes is a website which offers free MP3 downloads of most of the music found in the Rayman games. It was founded on June 20th 2006 by Drolpiraat, and it is one of the most important Pirate-Community websites, along with RayWiki.

The website has gone through various revisions and additions since its conception. It used to have a dedicated program that could be used to download soundtracks from the website without actually having to be on the website. The site itself has also been redesigned since it was founded, originally featuring a similar thematic to the Solaris theme used by the Rayman Pirate Community forums until 2006. Currently, it uses a specially designed theme created by Drolpiraat, and soundtracks can now only be accessed and downloaded directly from the website itself.

RayTunes was affected by the server issues that caused problems in 2013, Drolpiraat was locked out of his server access to RayTunes, and thus, was unable to upload newly ripped and remastered soundtracks. This issue was resolved in Summer 2013, and has gone on to host soundtracks from Rayman 1 to Rayman Legends.